10 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Coding Online

There are many great websites available on the internet where you can learn how to code with live examples and demo. However, many of us prefer to watch youtube videos to understand any topic. It feels like we are in a real classroom. You can understand any specific topic related to any subject on youtube.

In this article, I am going to share top 10 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Coding Online. You can also check these Best Websites to Learn Programming online.

Best Youtube Channels to Learn Coding Online

1. TheNewBoston

TheNewBoston is a very helpful youtube channel for programmers, developers, networking and graphic designers. The youtube channel was started in 2008. In 9 years, the channel has created more than 4200 video tutorials and still uploading new videos daily.  This channel has covered almost all modern programming languages and computer science topics.

2. LearnCode.academy

LearnCode.academy is the ultimate place to learn web designing and development.  This channel has more than 150 videos related to web development (Html, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, ReactJS etc ) and 340 K subscribers making it one of the best youtube channels for web designing tutorials.

3. Derek Banas

This amazing channel is consist of the video tutorials regarding the programming languages. The uploader Derek Banas explains the whole concept of any particular coding language within a single video only. If you don’t have much time or preparing for exams, you should follow his channel.

4. Programming Knowledge

Programming knowledge youtube channel has more than 1000 videos of programming tutorials created by its uploader ‘Yogesh Patel’. The easy and helpful videos attracted about 400,000 subscribers throughout the world. The channel provides most accurate and essential knowledge about different programming languages to its subscribers.

5. Code Course

If you are a beginner then this is the best place for you to start. This channel mainly focuses on PHP but it also covers CSS, Sass, Node.js etc.

6. Treehouse

This channel has more than 350 videos that provide the knowledge about the PHP, javascript.python, CSS, swift, and C++. These videos try to make it easy to learn without any complications or complex strategies.

7. LevelUpTuts

Master the web designing, Bootstrap, Layout on Photoshop and Dreamweaver so that you could make the responsive websites with amazingly featured layouts. Many other related things you could learn through the short but simple videos of the channel.

8. Google Developers

The Google Developers channel, offers lessons, talks, the latest news & best practices. Learn Android, Chrome, Web Development, Polymer, Performance, iOS & more!

9. Adam Khoury

This channel provides the users with all sort of knowledge regarding the Web development technologies and languages. The videos are truly made in a very simple and interactive way hence so the users can learn it faster. The videos are basically related to HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, CSS

10. Slide Nerd

Slide nerd talks about all sort of programming: Android, Java, JavaScript, Python, IOS and Swift programming as well.