Best websites to Learn Programming online

Best websites to Learn Programming online

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Many of our readers are interested in programming and many of them requested me to guide them about it. There are so many websites on internet helps you to learn coding and you may get confuse to select any particular to learn programming. Of course, there’s still a bit of struggle looking for quality content. You have to filter through garbage and find what suits you best. Fortunately, I am happy to be doing that for you. Here’s a list of 5 quality websites that can get you up to speed on your programming skills.

So, here i am listing top 5 best websites that will help you to learn programming step by step.

Best websites to learn Programming

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1 – The New Boston

  • Video Tutorials
  • C, C++, HTML, Javascript. Practically every language you could think of.
  • Difficulty: Easy.

The New Boston is an organizational learning site. If you are interested in mainstream programming, like C, C++, along with web technologies like HTML and Javascript, then this site is probably your thing. It offers video tutorials on various topics like Python, computer game development, iPhone development, Photoshop and so on. Each topic is covered by around fifty to hundred easy-to-understand videos lasting for seven to fifteen minutes each. Tremendous amount of content here.


2 – Codecademy

  • Hands-on Exercises
  • Web technologies – HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, Ruby, PHP.
  • Difficulty: Easy

If you are a beginner and want to start with the basics of web technologies, Codecademy is the site for you. Codecademy offers easy -to-understand tutorials which you can schedule according to your liking. The course is divided into segments. After completion of each segment, the site provides you with a “badge” thereby giving you a regular update of your progress. There are hands-on exercises as well. Additionally, it warns you about the errors in your program. And of course, all of it is free! Check it out here


3 – Learn Code The Hard Way

  • Ebooks.
  • Languages: C, Python, Ruby, Regex, SQL.

Don’t be put off by the name. Learn Code The Hard Way adopts a unique approach for teaching a number of languages – Python, Ruby, C, Regex and SQL. The tutorials are in the form of full-fledged books that emphasize on repeated practice to get the learning done. Rigorous exercises are designed to ensure retention, and the site makes for a very good resource on learning the languages it offers. It has a reputation of its own too. The site’s book on learning Python has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. Check it out.


4 –

  • Ebooks
  • C, C++, C#, Java believes in starting from scratch and is therefore apt for beginners. It starts with giving you a brief history about what you are going to learn, followed by basic concepts behind the programming segment one is going to deal with and then finally helps you strengthen your coding skills. Optimized for Android phones as well as iOS devices, the site has its ebooks available on both the Play Store and App Store. For a price, though.


5 – W3Schools

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Html, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.nety .
  • Difficulty: Easy.

Even if you are noob to programming and do not have any prior knowledge about it, this website helps you learn and practice programming in a very interactive and easy manner. It offers you courses in Html, JavaScript, PHP,, etc . An added bonus for users is the lack of a need for the compiler. Users can type in their code and see the output in the browser itself. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to practice what you have learnt through various projects that the site offers.


Do you think we forgot to add many more websites to learn Programming?  Let us know in comments your favourite website(es).


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    I hope i could find a page like thenewboston in spanish, they have excelent tutorials .

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    yeah ! you can try google translater 🙂

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    another one for web develop video tutorial

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    To learn Selenium Automation Tool:

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    Nice post admin, Thanks! Also visit Cyber Programmers

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    Ariel 2 years

    Interested in learning Java or Algorithms by solving challenges online? Check out

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    sameertyagi 2 years

    I am just start programing.I want to learn php.
    where i found all the relative tutorials about php javascript and mysql.
    Thankx in advance……:)

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      Try w3schools, i think it has tutorial for web develop

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    dary 2 years

    This article was intended to blacklist the most popular language; JAVA.

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    informative article

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    dear i am learn programming please help us ?

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    You forgot to mention They have great courses there and some are free, infact currently all there courses are now 10 $…..can you beat that ?

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    Good Info…

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    Anh 2 years is not legit.

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    Ilyas Ilyin 2 years

    For a Python learning the is the best step after codecademy Python fundamentals course. The greatest thing on CheckiO is “challenges”, where several solutions compete for better or even best algorithm.

    And I can recomend too. Codewars not only about Python – you will find there several programming languages like Ruby, Java, JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Clojure and even Haskell)

    I’m just a hobbie programmer, but I think the most effective way is solving real-world oriented tasks) Both of sites is about this way of solving/learning. When you crossed a hard way of solving, as a prize you can access to a really rich library of interesting solutions of just solved task – not only clear/right solutions, but smarter or even non-understandable creative wtf-solutions too)

    So, good luck, guys!)

    P.S. And sorry for my terrible English 🙂

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    Adam 2 years

    You forgot about, the First frensh website giving Hadoop practical courses on and many others

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    Pls help me to learn how to creating cutstom rom and port rom on android.

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    The url of website is and not the one with .org extention

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    now in place, including EVDO and HSUPA (2.5 – 5.76 Mb/sec).

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    first of all congratulation.
    you are doing good job bro.
    i want to learn about cyber security, can you please give me the detail if you have.

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    Free Code Camp.

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    Because of people like Bucky Roberts, that I started very instrumental.

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    Check out
    Awesome website with a great companion app.

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    Kata 4 months

    Hello, can you tell me good tutorial sites in Italian language? Or sites where there is the possibility to learn the lessons in Italian also? Thank you!