10 Upcoming Smartphone Technologies to Watch For

In the past decade or so, no technology has impacted lives more than the smartphone. With the release of the first generations of these phones in the early 21st century, millions of people around the world began integrating their music, pictures, messaging, and internet browsing all into one device, their phone. As technology continues to make breakthroughs, you can expect to see even more convenience and capability in your phone in the next decade. Here are 10 future technologies that may be coming soon to your phone.

1. Increased Security

As smartphones have become packed with more users’ personal information, the necessity for increased security has increased. Privacy and information are some of the most important things to protect today and in the future. Phones of the future may start to veer away from pin codes or thumbprints to unlock a device and move toward even more high-tech solutions. One possibility in development is iris or retinal scanning. With this method, your eyes would be used to unlock your phone’s functionality.

2. More Power

Power is another important aspect of a top smartphone. The newest devices have become slimmer in size yet have increased capabilities. Companies today are looking for new ways to continue to improve the functionality of these small devices by using smaller processing chips that can do more than before.

3. Smarter Cameras

The camera feature in the smartphone has helped many users eliminate the need to purchase a separate camera for trips, memories, or daily tasks. Smartphone cameras have come a long way since the early days of blurry or poorly lit pictures. In the future, expect smarter cameras that may be able to anticipate your favorite moments. Look for better lenses and even more, features to help you document your life’s events.

4. Flexible Screens

The flexible smartphone screen has been in rumored development for years. The idea with this type of technology is that it allows for a bigger screen to be unwrapped, unfolded, or opened up as part of a smaller, slimmer device. This gives users more options with their smartphone’s features and tools and less bulk or weight in their pockets.

5. Better Batteries

Battery power is another big problem for many smartphone users. As the need for more power increases and more elaborate apps drain batteries on people’s phones, the need for a better battery continues to be important. Many companies are looking for solutions that use sustainable power methods, such as air or solar to help give users a better experience on their smartphones.

6. Universal Integration

Smartphones in the future may also continue to be even more integrated into daily life. Expect to see more development of apps related to staying healthy and technologies that incorporate healthcare professionals into your smartphone capabilities. While today, many of these tasks are related to better fitness or eating, tomorrow’s apps may start saving lives.

7. Waterproof Capabilities

The continued problem of a smartphone’s vulnerability to water is something that designers and innovators are working to solve. While some smartphone manufacturers are making their products water-resistant more often, the next phase will be to provide waterproof capabilities for these devices. Using new materials, better phone case protection, and other innovations, expect to see the problem of a catastrophic water breach eliminated shortly.

8. New Networks

The smartphone age has also seen digital wireless networks evolving. While today’s smartphone users enjoy 4G high-speed networks and other options like Wi-Fi, the necessity for something with more capabilities has increased. There are more users and higher needs for heavy data usage and other phone tasks. The next network trend that may be arriving soon is the much-anticipated 5G network. This wireless network promises faster speeds and better performance for users around the world. You can also expect to see more countries creating their networks like Ehsan Bayat did with the expansion of networks in Afghanistan.

9. Unique Wearables

Another exciting innovation that could be coming to many smartphones in the future is wearable technology. Several companies have developed wearable smartphone watches that work together with your smartphone. Next, you may see the expansion of this type of innovation with more options for wearables to work alongside your smartphones, like glasses, tattoos, and hats.

10. Upgraded Displays

Finally, expect to see changes in the way you view information on your smartphone. Technology is constantly evolving to improve the display on your phone, with more vibrant colors and sleep-friendly displays for late at night. The newest developments in displays have smartphones using holograms to display information instead of the traditional screened device. This could potentially change the entire structure of the smartphone.

The world’s love affair with smartphones continues to change and transform as these devices gain more power, more capabilities, and better functionality. In the future, these small devices may be better equipped to handle each task of a person’s life and may continue to be an essential part of the human story.