A shoutout to potential astronauts for NASA’s future mission!

NASA today put out a call for new space explorers of NASA’s future mission: individuals who may bolster a future on mission to Mars.

Yes, the U.S. space organization is most likely mindful some may have worries in light of the anecdotal travails of Mark Watney, hero of the late book and film of the same name, The Martian, who gets stuck on the Red Planet and needs to make sense of how to get by there in solitude.

In any case, who thinks about Watney’s inconveniences? This is a genuine opportunity to go to space, and not as a quarter-of-a-million-dollar-paying-traveller on a Virgin Galactic flight that scarcely achieves the cutoff points of Earth’s climate.

NASA wrote in an announcement early today that it will soon acknowledge space explorer applications in expectation of returning human spaceflight dispatches to American soil, and in planning for the organization’s adventure to Mars.

“With more human shuttle being developed in the United States today than at some other time ever,” NASA proceeded with, “future space explorers will dispatch by and by from the Space Coast of Florida on American-made business rocket, and complete profound space investigation missions that will propel a future human mission to Mars.”

Since the covering of the Space Shuttle program in 2011, Americans heading into space have needed to catch rides on Russian rockets. NASA will take applications beginning December 14, and proceeding through mid-February 2016. It said it will probably declare its picks in mid-2017.

Among those prone to be considered important as potential space travelers: candidates with no less than a four year college education in designing, natural science, physical science, or math; and no less than three years of “related, dynamically capable experience, or if nothing else 1,000 hours of pilot-in-charge time in plane flying machine.”

NASA said there are four potential postings for those lucky to be decided to tune in the project: the International Space Station (ISS), two business team vehicles at present being so as to be assembled and SpaceX, or NASA’s own Orion profound space investigation vehicle.

“This next gathering of American space pilgrims will move the Mars era to go after new statures, and offer us some assistance with realizing the objective of putting boot prints on the Red Planet,” NASA overseer Charles Bolden said in the declaration. “Those chose for this administration will fly on U.S.- made rocket from American soil, advance basic science and examination on board the (ISS), and push the limits of innovation in the demonstrating ground of profound space.”

At present, there are 47 individuals in NASA’s space traveller corps.