ZGPAX S79 – A Low Price Smartwatch with High Quality

It is a great invention of the twenty-first century. The watch comes in a variety of colors and you have the opportunity to select your favorite color. The colors range from black, white, beige and many others.

The ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth smartwatch is more than a watch. Some of its main amazing features include:-

Bluetooth phone call

The watch has a dialer where you can make a call or answer calls using the watch. With this incredible watch, you do not have to remove your phone from the pocket every time you want to make or receive a call. It is very easy to answer and make a call using your low price Smartwatch, ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth smartwatch.

Phone book, messaging and music player

The low price Smartwatch enables you to send a message without having to type on your smartphone. You can also play the music on your smartphone by operating the wristwatch. With the watch, you can have fun with your favorite music at any time and anywhere.

Inbuilt camera

The Smartwatch has an excellent camera that takes very clear photos. The camera is also able to record high-quality video. The videos and the photos were taken using the low price Smartwatch are easily synchronized in your smartphone.

zgpax s79

A large touch screen, (1.54 inch) The size of the screen is large enough to allow you to have a wonderful experience while taking photos as well as the videos. The high definition screen makes it possible to clearly view the photos and the videos.

Sleep regulation and control

The Smartwatch has the ability to monitor and regulate the amount of sleep you have everyday and or night. It will direct you on how to adjust your sleeping habits in order to ensure that you have enough quality sleep. This is one of the most amazing features of this low price Smartwatch. By helping you sleep adequately, it helps to enhance your health.


This low price Smartwatch has an excellent pedometer that helps you to monitor every step you take while walking. This is particularly an amazing feature for sportsmen and women. You are able to see the distance you have covered over a given period of time. This will help you to take control of your sporting activities.

Sound recorder


The Smartwatch has the ability to record sound in such a high quality that one cannot differentiate it from the original sound. The low price Smartwatch also has other features such as calendar, calculator and an alarm.