NASA’s New Car can drive Sideways

NASA’s Johnson Space Center has invented the coolest car with truly fantastic and versatile technological advancements. NASA Engineers recently revealed their new creation named Modular Robotic Vehicle which can drive sideways and will eventually be autonomous. This can be achieved through 4 independent wheels, a remote controller, and dynamic driver feedback. While it looks more akin to a golf cart than any other electric car on the market. It has very decent and smart features which can inspire other car makers.

NASA’s new car can drive sideways


The Vehicle Specification

Vehicle Specification

With a top speed of about 43 MPH and a range of 62 miles on city driving with a single battery charge. This miniature has four independent wheels capable of turning 180 degrees.

All the wheels can be directed in a way that allows the car to drive sideways. The car has motors on each wheel which helps to move independently. Those motors are liquid-cooled and designed for “Drifting”.

The driver describes it as “Like driving on ICE but having full control”. This MRV is a battery-powered electrical vehicle with a wired system in propulsion, steering, and braking controlled by computers, with inputs being converted into electrical signals and transmit via wires to the vehicle’s motors. This vehicle can be driven in Space as well as on earth. This car certainly makes parking much easier on earth and makes a much safer ride for astronauts.

Some of its technologies could be included on a future rover, Moon, Mars, and asteroids allowing astronauts to control the vehicle from orbit above a planet. Or, with any luck, its features may appear in a commercial product. Well, we can hope.