3 Best Mobile Games for your Smartphone

Best Mobile Games for your Smartphone

Ready, Steady Play

Developed by Cowboy Games, this delightful app is actually five games in one, each as good as the other. The disarmingly charming animation belies a surprisingly deep and rewarding gaming experience that is must play for gamers of all ages. Whether you’re running the length of a canyon in hobby hurdles or popping baddies in a shooting gallery or even rustling up cattle, the game is simple, challenging and fun. The best 130 Rs you will ever spend.

3 Best Mobile Games for your Smartphone

One Finger Death Punch

This game made something of a name for itself on PC, but is that name enough? One finger death punch has you punching waves of enemies to death with a mere tap. Enemies come from either the left or the right of the screen and a timely tap in either direction will destroy said enemy. The game can be a lot of fun but is mired by a convoluted, nonsensical implementation of a micro-transaction system that serves no purpose other than to utterly confuse the average gamer. That and the high requirements and the tendency to really heat up some devices are major downsides, but if you have a powerful enough device and learn to completely ignore the micro-transaction aspect, this a lot of fun, in short bursts.

Don’t Tap The While Tile

With over 50 million downloads worldwide, you know that this game must be something special. You are probably already playing this game, but just in case you are not, download it this instant! It is free, what have you got to lose? The premise? Don’t tap the white tile! With a multitude of modes to choose from, this game is incredibly addictive. The ads are a real nuisance however and you can’t even pay to get rid of them. A word of warning, this game has spawned a multitude of clones, many of which are not as good as the original, so be sure to pick up the one by “CM (Clean Master) Games” for the best experience.

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