Report: Most cars are vulnerable to hacking

The automobile industry in the recent past has gone a notch higher in the technology arena. The automakers have crammed cars with the most sophisticated wireless technology in attempt to buoy the user from the possible Car hacking who eventually takes control of the or worse, steal the personal data.

The recent reports from senator Ed Markel has warned that, with the increasing complexity on the technical bit of vehicles have compromised the driver’s privacy and putting him/her at risk and possible Car hacking. He further say that drivers have relied on this technology but the automakers have not given enough thought on how to cushion them from the impeding dangers. The hackers achieve their malicious motive by privacy inversion or possible cyber attacks. He points out that the technology systems in the cars or trucks are highly compromised and data remains highly unprotected.

Markel has sought an in-depth understanding on how well various automakers protect and secure technology in the vehicles against the hackers. He further inquired how the vehicle computer gather information and then submit wirelessly. He sent these inquiries to twenty different automobile companies. These automakers included Toyota, ford and general motors.

Markel came up with these questions after the proof of the researchers that, hackers can get hold of the control of vehicles’ control system, causing them to accelerate, or turn the horn on, or turn the headlights on and off or even modify the vehicle’s speedometer and fuel gauge reading.

16 automobile manufacturers responded. They revealed that proper security measures to ensure that drivers were protected against hackers were not sufficient and therefore they contained loopholes. The hackers therefore have the actual control of the vehicle and collect the personal data of the driver. This was a revelation of Markel’s staff.

Cyber security expertise has given a warning which indicates that the electronic system would be vulnerable. This became alarming when manufactures began to build wireless connections. The researcher demonstrated using a laptop on how control the vehicle. They connected the laptop to the vehicle using a cable. It clearly demonstrated how one can control the steering wheel or apply the brakes. They used these demonstrations on the ford and Toyota prius car models. A report has also been released on how the vehicles may be attacked and controlled using the wi-fi and the keyless entry system.

The senator Markel has called for national highway traffic safety administration to come up with new regulations in conjunction with the federal trade commission. The new standards should ensure that the wireless and the data collection features adequately protects against hacking and any possible hacking. The recommendations requires that, automakers make painstaking tests on the penetration systems ,and ensure that the drivers are aware of how the data is collected and used.

Image Source: KesperSky