Which Mouse is perfect for Gaming?

If you are a PC gamer, you are nothing without a good mouse. The definition of what is ‘good’ varies wildly from person to person and is as much a matter of personal taste as dress sense.


You are the one who is going to use that mouse, so try it out first. No matter what others tell you, even the most awful mouse can be a lethal tool if you are comfortable with it. Ignore frills and fancies. It needs to be comfortable and it should have enough buttons for your needs.


Two buttons and a scroll wheel are just about enough for everyone. MMO gamers and heavy RTS gamers might beg to differ, but those gamers know what they want. Pro gamers use more than 800dpi and unless you actually, seriously, know better, you don’t need 6400dpi to be good at a game. Remember, dpi matters when you are into gaming for decades.


This is very important. A heavy mouse has a lot of inertia, requiring greater force to move and to control, but it’s also very nice when your field of movement is very limited. Also, lift-off will rarely occur. A lighter mouse, on the other hand, will serve twitch shooters really well. They are more mobile and will respond instantly, but you also need some practice to ensure that you are not throwing it about the place with no rhyme or reason.

Here are our recommendations for a perfect mouse:

On Budget: Any mouse that is sturdy and reliable. Spending that little bit extra for “gaming” mouse will not really help, but something like the venerable Logitech MX 518 might still stand you in good stead which costs around 1,500 Rs.

For the Enthusiast: Nothing beats the Razer Deathadder here. It is a simple mouse that offers a world-class sensor and excellent ergonomics; a combination that is hard to beat. Price: 3,000 Rs

For Mr. Money Bags: If you have money to spare, just overdo with the first mouse that catches your fancy. As long as they are from a well-known brand, these mice will perform well. Just know that you actually are splurging money and that these mice are not definitely better than their cheaper brethren.