SEER: The First AR Helmet that Makes You a Real Iron Man

A New Augmented Reality helmet is created by the technicians and the product is named as SEER. They say that they will provide clients with an interesting immersive AR experience, whilst playing games using applications or creating new ventures. It is the World’s biggest 100° FOV (Field of View) Augmented Reality Helmet that Gives You the Unique Immersive AR Experience.

Be that as it may, SEER isn’t just around a large number or being the world’s most prominent FOV. It really reclassifies increased reality, bringing everybody a totally new experience, in the same way as you’ve never had previously. As other increased reality gadgets could just give you a FOV up to 65°, SEER is capable to provide for you an even 100° FOV.

This is incredibly large and it gives a special, incredible and genuinely immersive increased reality experience. Simply envision there being 200+” screen from eight feet away (though 25″ with Google Glass).At the point when the field of View is large enough, individuals would barely recognize the edge of it and the display gets to be frameless. Imagine there being some unclear pictures set flawlessly into this present reality. It feels like you were drenched into a world that combine real and virtual worlds. This is the thing that we call “Immersive Augmented Reality Experience”.


  • Seer Lens- Seer’s special optical lens permits us to see this present reality perfectly with the connected Digital AR data and it provides for you an incredibly immersive experience.
  • Open Platform- Since it is controlled by your smartphone, Seer is more open sourced and you can easily discover and make numerous cool increased reality applications on both iOS and Android Platforms.
  • Big Wide screen- Seer has a Horizontal FOV which could be 100 degree and it gives a high resolution display. (FOV may vary from distinctive phone size).
  • Smartphone Powered- Unlike numerous other AR gadgets Seer is controlled by the smartphone by the smartphone in your grasp. There’s no compelling reason to spend many dollars for another gadget.
  • Control Flexibility- How to control Seer is completely up to your creative ability. You can utilize your joystick, controller, keyboard, leap motion, your watch or your ring to control Seer. Anything Connecting through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will function admirably with Seer. Come and experience.
  • Hands free- In Addition to external input gadgets, you can use our seer application and strive for a hands-free experience. Seer application permits you head and impacting your jaw (option hold to click). Simple and fun.
  • Open Hardware- Seer is likewise open in hardware. You may tinker by including sensors like EEG, ECG or wireless camera in the reserved space and make your own particular Seer. It’s cool to make a biking Seer that shows Body Information and aides navigate.

Seer has the world’s biggest FOV. In any case, SEER isn’t just around an expansive number or being the world’s most noteworthy FOV. It really reclassifies expanded reality, bringing everybody a completely new experience, in the same way as you’ve never had before.