Glyph: A Mobile Personal Theater with built-in Premium Audio

Since the start of individual presentation technology, screens have been getting smaller and closer to our eyes yet with one limitation i.e. picture quality. Technicians are trying to tackle this problem by utilizing another new innovation. Utilizing a Virtual Retinal Display we’ve made sense of how to extend pictures straightforwardly onto your retina, making sharp, stark pictures dissimilar to anything you’ve seen some time recently. In the course of recent years we’ve attempted to scale down the innovation to fit into a versatile headset useful for mobile or home use. Joining a one of a kind flip-down structure variable, super sharp symbolism and premium clamor wiping out sound, technicians made a gadget that is a transformation in individual presentation innovation and the name of the product is Glyph.

The Glyph use a simple HDMI input to show or display anything in your substance library, from the movies that you effectively own to streamed Netflix over your iPhone to the desktop environment in your Mac or PC. The Glyph is additionally incredible for gaming, whether in playing Call of Duty Ghosts on your PlayStation or Real Racing on your smartphone. What’s more with a coordinated 9 Degree of Freedom head-tracker, an entire universe of intelligent gaming, Point of View imaging and intuitive narrating is inside our range. What’s more this is simply the starting. Envision directors having the ability to create 360° films where you can watch on-screen characters associate in a bistro as well as look around the earth as the story unfolds around you. Envision integrating a LTE chip into the Glyph and making calls straight from your headset. Envision incorporating a camera on the front of the visor and clicking a catch to see the world before you as well as bright and infrared marks continuously.

Supporters of this undertaking are more than customers and analyzers. You’re investing in the future of display & presentation technology and partaking in what can change the universe of vision as we as of now know it. We’ll make you a piece of that group as we construct it from the beginning, from intelligent testing and criticism to online discussions to part just occasions and advantages.

Virtual Retinal Display:

The Glyph’s Virtual Retinal Display utilizes one million micro-mirrors as a part of each one eye piece to reflect a sharp, striking and exact picture directly onto the back of your retina. It’s a propelled, protected and creative process that results into a great degree agreeable light yielding next to no eyestrain. Clients of the Glyph models have worn gadgets agreeably for a considerable length of time with no queasiness or confusion when transitioning once more to typical vision.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 16oz
  • Shade: White, Black or Blue
  • Display Technology: Micro-mirror Array
  • Resolution: WXGA (1280 x 720) every eye
  • Contrast Ratio: >1000:1
  • Total pixels: 1,843,200
  • Refresh Rate: up to 120 Hz
  • Horizontal Field of View: 45°
  • Sound Output Mode: Premium Stereo
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20000 Hz
  • Dynamic Range: 115 dB
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Connectivity: wired over HDMI or TRRS sound link
  • Connections Video: Single HDMI association
  • Power: Micro-USB
  • Sound: 3.5mm TRRS jack (stereo-in addition to mic)

Locally available battery gives 3 hour runtime. The Avegant Glyph headset is currently accessible to preorder directly from the Avegant site through the connection beneath for $499 with transportation evaluated to occur amid the harvest time months of 2015. The individuals who preorder a Glyph will get a lightweight, ergonomic gadget tuned for customer use and with both backing and a guarantee. It’ll be indistinguishable to the buyer gadget on store racks — just conveyed far before we begin satisfying those requests. Be the first in your group to begin your Glyph story.

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