DotA 2 vs League of Legends, MOBA Tale…

DotA 2 vs LoL

Whose game is better??

MOBA fans find this kind of article interesting only reason to reinforce their own belief that their game is best.

A lot of people don’t know the history and origin of these two games, but still they are addicted, why the community seems to dislike each other?

All DotA,  LoL and other RTS style MOBA games can trace their roots back to a custom Starcraft Map first seen fifteen years ago created by a map maker named AEON64. Map found a large enough fan base which poured into the next game.

Blizzard Entertainment released Warcraft 3 where one fan named his game (map) Defense of the Ancients, this map would spark another slightly larger fan base that would again recreate the map in Blizzard’s release in the expansion of the Frozen Throne. All of these expansions and events lead   to the creation and release of the biggest and best map DotA-Allstars created by two developers named Meian and Ragnor. This was the mod that got a huge fan base evolved into a huge competitive scene and become one of the most successful mods of all time. It was propelled by a number of large names within its community and this is where League of Legends and DotA 2 to start coming in. Meian and Ragnor never really intended for doing much more other than creating their mod.

MEN to be honored

Guinsoo enjoyed playing Dota-Allstars, but he thought the model could be improved upon a bit. He would be the one to introduce many elements that virtually all MOBA games have today. Switching the game focused player vs player rather than vs co-op. Adding items to improve scaling giving variety and famously adding a boss monster named Roshan after his bowling ball. Guinsoo would make DotA-Allstars a lot more popular and really begin to take the series off. However, after his additions he ended up passing the torch to another player named IceFrog.

IceFrog would be the one kick starting and maintaining its success throughout the years. He refined the game into something seemingly perfect into a fantastic job growing its player base into the millions. However, as good as it came to be not everyone would be satisfied with All-stars. Don’t forget DotA has been just a mod.

Everything the creators and developers did with it had to be done through the Warcraft 3 engine that meant that no matter what, no matter how popular they became or how good they made their mind they couldn’t make an official matchmaking service. They had to base a lot of their graphical content stuff from Warcraft 3 and maybe more importantly than anything there is no way to punish toxic players, because of this number of players wanted to make their own game and that sparked the initial concept of the number of projects one of which being League of Legends.

Two entrepreneurs named Mark Marilyn and Brandon Backe were teamed up with Guinsoo along with the owner of owner Pendragon among others, they would find Riot Games and begin development of LoL, where IceFrog continue to perfect DotaA all-stars. This is where the games begin to show their differences.

Review By Fan of Both Games

 VALVE or RIOT really don’t matter to me BUT what matters to me is that RIOT forces me to spend money even to have basic stuff like champions and runes, while VALVE doesn’t force me to spend for basic stuff at all because heroes are free!
Map:DotA 2 map is mind blowing. LoL map is so cartoonish and boring, reasons incoming. DotA 2 map feels like the heroes are actually of proper dimensions compared to trees and the overall area. Use the showcase view to see through the eyes of the hero himself and it looks so realistic, like a real forest. It has so many ambient creatures running around, squirrels climbing trees, turtles swimming in the river, worms, birds, insects, etc. Buy a tango and eat a tree, and just look at the animation of the leaves falling to the ground. Map changes when you destroy the trees. You also have pink cherry blossom trees that look so great. I always eat the pink leaves tree first with my tango, a superstition.

Laning headaches: I never have headaches when it comes to choosing lanes or picking roles in DotA 2. In LoL, I always had to be the goat and surrender to insta lockers and mid callers.

Mastery/Difficulty: I feel like I am very good with all champions in LoL while I still felt the need to learn many heroes in DotA 2. Remember, I exact and extract same amount of experience in both games. I am a person who wants a challenge so DotA 2 wins another point, but here I wish to give one point to LoL as well because many others just want a game for the sake of playing a game for fun.

Casual Fun: I like complexity and that makes it fun for me, but to be honest, just considering the fact that LoL has so many different maps and game modes that are extremely fun.
Beginner: hands down LoL is easier to learn, so I suggest beginners start playing LoL before coming to DotA 2. Once you are good at LoL you can easily transition into a beginner in DotA 2. This is how I did and now I have started to enjoy DotA 2 much more.



Each game has respective strength and weaknesses; neither is inherently better or worse than the other. Ultimately, we get different experiences that you won’t be able to fully comprehend or differentiate from with this one small article.

Each has a special place in the MOBA community and they each have a place in the world of esports. So, highly encourage you to play both. They have awesome competitive scenes, awesome game play and a rich, interesting history behind their origin.