Amazon Fire TV Stick, streamer at its best

This year, Amazon got into the mass field of streaming set-top boxes. The Fire TV senses like a real champ. The internet retail dominated giant company leveled its goal and set a price tag. The Fire TV Stick is a streaming dongle like to the Chromecast from Google or Streaming Stick from Roku. The Fire TV Stick would be a tough one to stand if Amazon didn’t level out some of the ups and downs from its first generation device.

Quick Pros and Cons on Amazon Fire TV Stick:


Modest design

Greatly improved onscreen keyboard

Dedicated Prime Video section

Apps List keeps getting longer



Built-in remote lacks voice search button

Some coarse edges and discrepancy in Fire OS

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Hardware of Fire TV Stick

It’s a small, dull black device, hardly larger than a thumb drive. It’s modest to a great. It is short of the unique bulb shape of the Chromecast or the bright purple paint job of the Roku Streaming Stick. Actually, it’s what’s under the cover that matters. Amazon handled to pack a dual-core CPU and VideoCore4 GPU inside this small dongle, not to talk about 8GB of storage and a host of wireless radios. This isn’t the similar heavy hardware set up in the full-sized Fire TV, but it’s absolutely a step up from devices like the Roku Streaming Stick or the Chromecast. It’s able of not just forcing out HD video, but also featuring some basic games… with an importance on “basic.”The Fire TV Stick is modest to great. The Fire TV Stick’s remote requires the built-in microphone for voice search, if you want to take pleasure in the fruits of Amazon’s powerful search tool; you need to install the Fire TV Remote app, which is at present available on Android only.

Software of Fire TV Stick

Finally, the downfall of the Fire TV was its rather unrefined software experience. The carousel UI which worked so fine on tablets didn’t turn so nicely to the television. There were some actually doubtful design choices, like the A-Z, carousel-style onscreen keyboard. Things have gotten a bit improved since April. There are still some twists to be worked out, for sure, but what hardly felt beta-quality just a few months ago now seems like a logically refined platform. You may believe that a fresh onscreen keyboard would be a minor twist, but it’s a big deal

Most outstandingly for the platform, that Amazon’s put a strong impression in its app and content gap. Bunch of games have been added and new streaming music and video services are coming soon the Fire TV party all the time, like PBS. The one obvious lapse remains HBO Go, which is obviously coming next year, although no exact time frame has been given.

Outline on Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick has a number of issues which comes with a much lesser price tag. It’s not noticeably superior to its competitors, but it’s surely not any worse. For $39, it’s a completely important streaming-media option and the best one if you’ve by now bought into Amazon’s ecosystem.

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