X8+ Drone Provides a Lot More Than Just Photography Options

The latest technology has led to the evolution of drones. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone and referred to as a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is an aircraft without a human pilot driving it. Recently we have witnessed a sharp rise in the production of drones latest one being the Project Wing an initiation of Google to take over Amazon’s delivery services. Drones can be considered as a subset of the field of robotics and researchers are currently trying to provide a much higher level of artificial intelligence to these machines to help facilitate their use by unskilled users. Walking into the arena, 3D Robotics have launched their new X8+ drone.

The release of X8+ drone was announced by 3D Robotics which is an esteablished name in consumer as well as enterprise market. X8+ is a fully functional personal drones which is ready to fly. X8+ drone successfully uses 3 D Robotics’ flight platform which is fully automated. X8+ also uses the company’s first ever plug-and-play first-person view (FPV) kit which provides a user with everything that he might require to start live streaming a video feed from the camera on the X8+. X8+ quadcopter can not only get tracking shots automatically and independently of its user, but it can also be outfitted with a variety of cameras or other devices.

Many newly released drones are designed to carry around lightweight cameras which can be supported by their structure. 3D Robotics’ manipulated this typical concept feature by including the ability to carry heavier extensions like cameras, giving more options for those who require high-quality video but can’t shell out for more expensive alternatives. The Follow Me app is available for Android mobile device which is compatible with this drone. With it users can set parameters such as the distance and angle that the drone will maintain relative to them. Once the X8+ is up in the air, it will automatically keep pace with the user, keeping the user centered within the shot by panning and tilting the camera via a motorized gimbal mount.

The X8+ is majorly being compared with the features of Inspire 1. It has price of $1,350 which is approximately half the price of Inspire 1 drone, even though a camera is not coupled with it. Instead, you can attach whatever camera you would like. The possibilities includes GoPro cameras and also professional cameras that are light in weight that offer plenty of choices which allow for higher quality images than the 12 megapixels the Inspire 1 can manage. Besides personal use this drone has the ability to offer many other professional helps as well. Beyond the concept of photography or videography, it can be used to generate highly accurate maps and 3 dimensional depictive models, it can collect aerial data while taking a flight automatically even when it is made to traverse the same path infinitely. It carry different sensors for gathering data not present in visible spectrum and generate point schematic representation clouds for ground survey with high accuracy. It can even be propped up with magnets for real delivery potential.


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