Facts About Earlier Facebook IDs

Have you ever wonder why mark Mark Zuckerberg‘s Facebook id is 4th? Why not first? or is he not the first user on Facebook? The Question comes after looking at his id numbers. Facebook provides a unique id to every user and when you start finding Facebook users with their id you’ll find Mark Zuckerberg at the 4th number and the first, second, and third ids are not available.

By digging into the Facebook profile structure, by calling each profile by its id, starting from 4 and then counting 4,5,6,7…

What a mystery indeed?

Let us not speculate, but either Mark or somebody else did something about those first three profiles. When I tried to search then Few more were found missing: 8, 9, 12, 14… 25. Were they real or fake? You can post your guesses in the comments below. Then among the first few ids of the people who worked or working on Facebook.

The first woman in fact came at 33rd number. There were only six girls found among the first 50 profiles, but then all the beauties catch up with guys. It would be nice to interview all these people and to find out the social network stories because I like them the most. And now, here comes the list I made by visiting ids.

Most of the people managed to get 500 to 1000 friends on average. Good progress in just 10 years.





Mark Zuckerberg
Founder and CEO at Facebook


Chris Hughes
Executive Director at Jumo Friends (1914).


Dustin Moskovitz


Arie Hasit




Marcel Georgés Laverdet II
Software Engineer у Facebook


Soleio Cuervo
Unknown Designer у Facebook



Chris Putnam (A young boy who hacked Facebook)

In this list at 33rd, the First woman come on Facebook!


Sarah Goodin.

Yes! it’s a little interesting but we still don’t know the exact reason mark’s id is 4th.
many people say first three was created for testing purpose and my another guess is maybe because it was started on 4th Feb. 😀

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    • No, the IDs are related to the table containing main informations about the users in the database. It doesn’t deal with the system itself.

  1. 1, 2 &3 were for testing, which were deleted by Mark Zuckerberg, after the final check, and when on 4th Feb 2004, he has launched FB he just make his id 4th.

    Or, it cn also be possible:

    4 is might lucky number for mark, so he has choosen the date as 4-02-2004 (starts and ends with 4).

    But why he has not chosen 4-4-2004, there may be some certain reasons:

    He was not wanting to wait for 2 months. (Why) Because, might he was afraid that , someone will steal his code, and publish in web before him.

    OR IT WAS JUST AS AN INCIDENT, THAT HAPPENED. He has chosen 4 for 4 Feb 2004.

  2. I am wondering id shown only upto 6999 after that either page unavailable or profile doesnt exist, that would conclude as facebook got only 6999 people 😀 😀


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