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Sri Lanka gains universal internet via Project Loon

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July 31, 2015


Telecom organizations over the world are attempting to connect the Internet crevice among the populace of the considerable number of nations. We as of late perceived how Google Inc alongside ISPs, for example, Cox and Century Link, cooperated with the White House to give negligible expense web access to more than 275,000 low-salary family units …

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“Cell tartan” sonic screwdriver brings new hope for curing nerve damage

New Researches

July 28, 2015


It may not make a cool clamor, but specialists at the University of Glasgow have added to a system for utilizing a certain kind of “sonic screwdriver” to fabricate cell lattices.   The gadget is really called a Heptagon Acoustic Tweezer, and it utilizes reverberation as a part of request to control matter. This includes …

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