How to Fix VyvyManga Not Working [2024 Guide]

VyvyManga is one of the most popular websites for reading manga online and a very common destination for anime fans. If you are a regular visitor of this site, sometimes you may face issues such as VyvyManga not working or not responding. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to fix if VyvyManga is not working today.

Why is VyvyManga Not Working?

VyvyManga like every other website, may face occasional issues that can cause the website to not work properly. Here are the following reasons why the site may not be working for you:

  • Server Issues: If the server hosting VyvyManga is down or experiencing problems, it will prevent access to the site.
  • Network Problems: This can include issues with your local internet connection, ISP problems, or routing issues between ISPs.
  • DNS Issues: If the Domain Name System (DNS) is unable to resolve VyvyManga’s domain name to an IP address, it will be inaccessible.
  • Firewall: Sometimes, security software or firewalls on your computer or network might block access to certain websites.
  • SSL/TLS Errors: If there’s a problem with VyvyManga’s security certificate, it may prevent the site from loading.
  • Content Blocking: Some regions or organizations might block access to specific content, which can cause a site to be unreachable.
  • Bandwidth Limitations: If the server has reached its maximum capacity for data transfer, it might slow down or be unable to serve additional requests.
  • Database Connection Issues: VyvyManga relies on databases to function, and a failure in that connection can cause the site to be unusable.
  • CDN Issues: Problems with the CDN used by VyvyManga can lead to the site being unreachable.
  • Browser Extensions: Some browser extensions, like ad blockers, may conflict with the site’s content, preventing it from loading properly.
  • Legal or Compliance Shutdown: VyvyManga might be taken down for legal reasons or to comply with certain regulations.
  • Maintenance: Sometimes VyvyManga is temporarily down for scheduled maintenance or updates.

How to Fix VyvyManga Not Working?

vyvymanga website

1. Check if VyvyManga is Down

vyvymanga down detector

Whenever any website is not working, the first thing you should do is check if it’s working for everyone else or not. If VyvyManga is down, you can check it by developer announcements, Reddit posts, tweets, forums, or using a down detector service. Many websites such as isitdownrightnow provide you with information about down websites. You can check these down detector websites if VyvyManga stops working for you.

2. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

If the website is not down, the problem could be from your end. You should clear the browser cache and cookies and reload the page.

Why do I need to clear cache and cookies?

  • Sometimes cached data might become outdated or corrupted. It leads to a problem in loading a website or displaying its latest version. If you clear the cache, you’ll view the most recent content.
  • Over time, cache and cookies can take up significant disk space. Clearing them can help free up storage.
  • Clearing cache and cookies can help eliminate any local, stored data that might be contributing to the problem.
  • Clearing cookies will reset VyvyManga to its default settings and it’ll fix issues with login sessions.
  • In some jurisdictions, clearing or managing cookies might be part of complying with privacy regulations.

How do I clear the cache and cookies of VyvyManga?

We’ll be taking the example of Google Chrome:

1. Open VyvyManga website.

2. Click on the Lock (https) icon from the address/URL bar.

3. Click on ‘Cookies and site data’.

vyvymanga clear cache and cookies

4. Click on “Manage cookies and site data”

vyvymanga clear cache and cookies

5. Click on the delete (trash) icon

vyvymanga clear cache and cookies

6. You have not cleared the cache and cookies of vyvymanga.

3. Disable VPN or Change VPN Region

If you are using a VPN, this could be another issue why the website is not working. Sometimes VPN service may connect you to an unresponsive server or a server with bad routing. To make sure your VPN is working, try to open some other websites while connected. If those websites are opening and VyvyManga is not, try changing the server region. VPNs have many server regions. Some of the regions may not allow the website due to compliance or technical issues.

It’s a good practice to check the website with and without a VPN. Try changing the VPN region if that fixes your issue.

4. Disable Browser Extensions

Browser extensions such as Ad blockers, Script blockers, and VPNs can interfere with the functionality of a website making it either corrupted or not responding. If you have tried the above fixes and still have no luck, try disabling the browser extensions. You can disable the extensions one by one to check which extension is making VyvyManga not respond.

To disable extensions in Google Chrome:

1. Type chrome://extensions/ in the URL bar or Click on three dots from right-top > Extensions > Manage Extensions

extension chrome

2. Disable extensions one by one and reload the website page to see if it’s working.

disable extension chrome

5. Try Different Web Browsers

If you have tried all the above methods and still VyvyManga is not working for you, try to change your web browser. You can try one of the Google Chrome alternatives and see if the issue persists. In most cases, your website should load fine in a different browser.

6. Try Different Device

If none of the methods works, you should try switching to other devices as this could be your device firewall issue. Your antivirus software may also be blocking the website for some reason. There are many free antivirus software that can sometimes block a particular website if they think it’s infected or corrupted.

Changing to a different device will help you identify the issue if it’s related to your device. If you still have no luck, try changing your network also. Some ISPs also block websites for legal reasons. Try to switch to mobile data if you are on Wi-Fi or vice-versa.


There’s no doubt VyvyManga is very popular among manga and anime fans. If you are a manga fan, unless you are living under a rock, you know that this website was previously known as MangaOwl. the domain was taken down for piracy issues. In this guide, we discussed how to fix the issues if VyvyManga suddenly stops working for you. Hope you find it useful.