How the Simplest Games Provide Maximum Entertainment

Some games are more complicated than they really need to be, whether overall gameplay is difficult to grasp or mastering certain elements requires a massive learning curve. This can occasionally lead to gamers casting them aside or even getting bored, which is clearly something that most game developers would prefer to avoid.

Instead, there has been a concerted effort by game studios in recent years, focused on making simplicity one of their primary considerations, helping them to create games that provide users with instant gratification. This is actually quite important to observe in places like Australia, where there is an impressive and growing demand for talented games developers:

More than 800 new jobs were created in 2022, indicating that Aussie development is thriving. Interestingly, designing simple and easy-to-play games has powered much of the recent growth, especially among the rising number of startups in cities like Melbourne and Sidney, both of which are now synonymous as key employment hubs for gaming studios. But what does the term “simplicity” mean when it comes to modern gaming?

How online pokies keep us spinning

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While casino software developers are constantly looking to evolve, introducing novel and innovative gaming concepts, their aim is to preserve the core simplicity that made those games popular in the first place. One of the best examples can be found in pokies, games with a history dating back more than 100 years, albeit still capable of engaging and entertaining players.

The core of any pokies is always the spinning reels, as players aim to align the icons and win prizes. This concept has remained present since the first mechanical gambling machines, invented more than 100 years ago. Now these games have made the transition to online casinos, based upon the latest in-depth reviews for Aussie gamers, there are now thousands to choose from:

After choosing where to play the latest online pokies, we can observe that key to their success and popularity is the simplicity of these games. While pokies have certainly evolved in the digital age, including the addition of exciting new elements and bonus features, developers have been careful to avoid replacing the original concepts too much. This makes pokies a timeless gaming niche that is likely to remain popular for decades to come.

Casual gaming for a relaxing experience

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Throughout the myriad terms, we find in gaming these days, there’s actually a distinction between “casual” and “hardcore” gamers. Typically aimed at mass-market audiences over the last couple of decades, casual games are based on the core principle of simplicity. They must be fun, easy to play, and easy to understand. Undoubtedly, the popularity of this gaming niche grew exponentially on mobile devices.

By 2017 the terms like “hyper-casual game” and “instant game” had arrived, essentially detailing a relatively new genre, mostly easy-to-learn games that can be played via desktop and mobile apps or browsers. Intriguingly, while Australia is often regarded as a rising hub for games development, none of the top-ranking casual games were made there, according to an industry analysis by 42matters:

Perhaps the best example of the casual niche, Candy Crush Saga is estimated to have surpassed 1 billion downloads worldwide. This highlights that while there is a big demand for these games Down Under, clearly the Aussie developers and studios need to raise their game. Particularly given that casual games are constantly ranking as the most popular genre among the metrics for their domestic audience.

Complexity has its own genre and niches

Although casual and simplistic gaming keeps most people entertained, studios must still focus on their “hardcore” audiences, often aimed at hobbyists and more serious gamers. These can involve complex learning curves and controls that are difficult to master, although the level of dedication involved can often vary. Either way, the gaming industry has become so varied these days, there’s plenty around to keep hardcore and casual gamers entertained.