9 Windows 11 Shortcuts that Make Multitasking Easier

If you are using Windows 11, you are in luck! The latest version of the Windows OS comes packed with a number of handy shortcuts that can enhance your multitasking abilities and help boost productivity.

If you are someone who enjoys having a productive day, Windows 11 shortcuts could really come in handy. From making tasks effortless to ensuring utmost efficiency, Windows 11 shortcuts can do it all. Although if you Try OneLaunch, you may get a huge bundle of extra features on your Windows PC.

So, here’s a list of the top nine  Windows 11 shortcuts to help you streamline your workflow and get more work done in less time.

1. Win + D: Quickly show or hide your desktop

When juggling multiple Windows and needing clarity, you can simply press the Window button + D. This will minimize all the other applications and windows and instantly display your desktop.

2. Win + Left/Right Arrow: Snap windows to the left or right side of the screen

Oftentimes, you may feel the need to clear the clutter and push a window to the right or left side of the screen.

While cursor movement makes it easy, it also requires you to take your hands off the keyboard. To ensure productivity, you can press the Windows button + Left arrow key to push a particular window to the screen’s left.

Similarly, you can press the Windows button + Right arrow key to push a window to the right.

This feature is also perfect for comparing documents, referencing information while writing, and keeping an eye on multiple applications simultaneously.

3. Win + Tab: Access the new task view

With Windows 11 OS has come a new enhanced Task View. This view has a sleek and futuristic design, and Windows 11 users can access it through a keyboard shortcut.

To access the new Task View, you can press the Windows button + Tab, and your PC will quickly switch between the open windows and virtual desktops.

This significantly simplifies the switching, allowing you to organize your space effortlessly.

4. Win + L: Lock your computer instantly

Whether you want to take a break and step away from your workstation or you are on the go and packing your laptop up, keeping your data secure is crucial. Even though Windows 11 is a secure operating system, it’s important for us to be more cautious.

Pressing the Windows button + L allows you to instantly lock your computer, requiring a password, PIN, or biometric input (depending on your device) to regain access.

5. Win + A: Open the Action Center

Stay in control of your system settings and notifications by pressing the Windows button + A.

This will open the Action Center. The Action Center is where you get quick access to Wi-Fi settings, volume controls, screen brightness, and other important system functions.

6. Win + E: Launch the File Explorer

While using your PC, you may often feel the need to access your files and folders.

By pressing the Windows button + E, you can quickly launch File Explorer and navigate your PC to find the documents, files, and folders you need without taking your hands off the keyboard.

7. Win + Ctrl + D: Create a new virtual desktop

Windows 11 introduces a new virtual desktop feature that helps users stay organized.

You can create a new virtual desktop by pressing the Windows button + Ctrl + D. This will enable you to separate your work, personal tasks, and other specific projects for a clutter-free space.

8. Win + Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow: Switch between virtual desktops

If you are working on multiple virtual desktops, you may as well need to switch between them from time to time. Pressing the Windows button + Ctrl + Left arrow key will move your window to the virtual desktop on the left.

Similarly, pressing the Windows button + Ctrl + Right arrow key will move your window to the virtual desktop on the right.

9. Win + PrtScn (PrintScreen): Take a screenshot and save it directly

At times, while using your PC, you may need to take a screenshot of the present window. By pressing Win+PrtScn, you can easily take a screenshot and also crop it after saving.

Wrapping up

To optimize your Windows 11 experience, you can explore a number of applications, such as OneLaunch. Certainly, these apps help improve your productivity. However, apart from these, you may also feel the need to use the right shortcuts.

In this blog, we shared a brief list of Windows 11 shortcuts that can make work easier and faster.

Hopefully, this was helpful.