With AI, Google Is Banking On “Bard” to Beat Over ChatGPT and Microsoft

With “Bard,” The Tech giant Google is preparing for a fight of the wisdom in the world of artificial intelligence “Supposedly a conversation system created to compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT. Bard will first be made accessible to a select number of “trusted testers.” “CEO Sundar Pichai announced the news on Google’s official blog on Monday, saying that the update will be accessible to a limited audience first before being deployed more broadly later this year.


Google’s chatbot is designed to simplify advanced concepts like space exploration for a younger audience. It also makes more pedestrian promises, like helping with things like party planning and coming up with lunch options from what’s in the fridge.

Pichai didn’t specify in his article whether or not Bard would be able to produce text in the style of William Shakespeare, who seems to be the provider’s namesake.

According to Pichai

Pichai remarked, “Bard can serve as a stepping stone for inquiry and an avenue for creativity.” Just two weeks following Microsoft’s statement it was investing billions in San Francisco-based OpenAI (creator of ChatGPT as well as other technologies that can compose intelligible text and produce new graphics), Google verified the advent of Bard.

sundar pichai

Since Microsoft doubled down on its USD 1 billion commitment to OpenAI in 2019, the emphasis has increased on Google to show that it can compete in a sector that many experts predict will be as game-changing as PCs, the internet, as well as smartphones have been at different points over the last four decades.

A group of Google AI developers “has been directed to concentrate development on a solution to ChatGPT,” CNBC reported last week “. Prior to the name change, Bard was part of a larger initiative known as “Atlas.” “ChatGPT has gained tens of thousands of customers ever since public launch at the end of last year, and its capability to compose a whole research paper for schoolchildren has raised worries in schools, prompting Google to launch a “code red” attempt to combat its accomplishment.


With the advent of more complex queries from its billion-strong user base, Google aims to incorporate LaMDA as well as other artificial intelligence developments into its leading search engine. Pichai stated that artificial intelligence techniques would be used in Google searches in the nearish term but did not provide a particular date.