Facebook’s Race to Rival With TikTok

The one and only element is a permanent change, and Facebook’s layout is no exception. Despite the fact that they are unlikely to ever admit it, Meta has unveiled a major redesign of the social media application’s user interface that is reminiscent of TikTok.

Certain social media giants defy convention whereas others battle to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced online environment. The company seems to be adopting a similarly blatant strategy to the Facebook application, much as TikTok did with its infinite swiping and media algorithm that is frighteningly effective at estimating what you may want to view.


Facebook to Undergo a Major Overhaul

As per Axios, the company said that the Facebook application will undergo a major redesign, which might not be influenced by TikTok. As per a media statement from Meta, the application will now have two feeds: Similar to TikTok’s “For You” page, one would boast a vertical display of photos, films, and messages from family and friends, while the other will be titled “Home” and contain a succession of Recommended For You postings with stuff Meta believes you’ll enjoy.

Meta is reportedly behind this change, which is regarded as part of a larger strategy to turn Facebook from a media outlet into an entertaining one. The corporation has reportedly stated that this is a chance to offer consumers a greater say over what they are seeing. A disclosed memo from Meta last month highlighted the company’s plans to shift its focus away from material posted by friends and relatives and toward a Discovery Engine aimed at facilitating connections between customers. This coincides with Facebook’s redesign.

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According to a person cited by Axios, this action is a reaction to current governmental pressures for social media sites to safeguard customer data privacy and take responsibility for the propagation of disinformation. It seems like a crazy about-face at first glance. Once dominant in the social media space, Facebook is now struggling under user defections and regulatory scrutiny. However, it would seem that many social networking applications are brazenly copying functionality from TikTok in an effort to compete with it.