Evil Things These 4 Apple Products Can Do

At other times, technology may be our greatest friend, and at other times, our best accomplice. While superheroes like Batman and Ironman employ technology for good, villains like Goblins, Mysterios, and Luthers need them for wickedness. They become six times more wicked if you feed them apple goods. The following is a short list of Apple products that may be used by evildoers.

1. Apple Watch


For other people, what appears beautiful on their wrists might be a total misery. Users may take a picture from their iPhone’s camera utilizing their watch’s camera control feature. It is late at night, and you are aboard a night bus. Unexpectedly, a strange person seated next to you, feigning to monitor updates on his smartphone, raises his arm and discreetly films you!

Alternatively, you may walk into a room and find a smartphone installed on the port, with its camera oriented to photograph the scene you are now occupying. When you take a glance around, the only person in the room is you. You may not even notice that the stranger’s phone is positioned just in front of you. Your genitals are rubbed together in the belief that nobody is looking. As it turns out, he is keeping an eye on you by checking his wrist.

2. AirPods Pro


AirPods owners with limited hearing may now make use of the new conversation enhancement function in the newest software update. However, for individuals who do not have a hearing impairment, this may be a very dangerous gift.

Imagine yourself and a pal in a coffee shop. An individual wearing AirPods Pro seated just a few tables away using those earbuds. You may think he is pounding his ears to some funky chart-topper, but he is really attentive to your talk with your pal and is not listening to anything else. He may be an author who is eager to capitalize on your knowledge for his next work.

You may wake up one day and decide to buy a novel on Kindle. You will browse a while, and then your mouth will drop when you see what is on the page. You may be curious as to why you have such a remarkable likeness to the protagonist. That wicked man with AirPods Pro in his ear that night at the café was the writer of that novel, but you would never know it.

3. AirTags


Most people are aware of AirTag by now unless they have been residing under a rock that prevents them from receiving tech news. It has come to our attention recently that these little, wicked GPS chips have been tracking countless individuals. Their cars and other private belongings had AirTags hidden inside of them, so they could be tracked all the way home. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt in any of these incidents, but this is a terrible weapon that muggers and stalkers may use to their own nefarious ends.

Being The Wicked Nerd who protects you from other bad folks makes me still ‘bad,’ right?