Canada Shutters ZTE and Huawei for Security Purposes

ZTE and Huawei, two of China’s largest technology companies, ruled the globe only a few short years ago. In addition to selling Android phones throughout the globe, they were also a significant provider of 4G as well as 5G networking gear. As a result of their links to the Chinese authorities, both businesses have been extensively blacklisted recently, and Canada is officially following its friends in banning them from cellular operators. Equipment purchases would no more be possible for telecom firms in Canada, meaning they would need to decommission their current or upcoming ventures in coming years.

During the Trump government, the strain on ZTE and Huawei increased significantly, however this strategy has been carried over into the Biden government. Many of China’s largest corporations have close ties to the country’s administration and intelligence officials. Chinese intelligence services may even utilize a clause in the Chinese National Intelligence Law to force companies and people to collaborate with them.

According To Five Eyes

ZTE Huawei

According to the United States and other members of the “Five Eyes” security coalition, China has the ability to compel these businesses to pass over customer details and develop security holes for spying. China maintains that this is due to a misinterpretation of its rules, yet processes identical to those in US legislation already operate.

Businesses in the United States can’t even tell if they’ve been issued a National Security Order, which forces them to provide over sensitive data, as an example. For this reason, all of the Five Eyes countries have decided to prohibit ZTE Chinese Huawei gear in order to avoid an identical operation of capturing information and sending it to Beijing.

Only Canada remains in the Five Eyes group. A couple of decades ago, the United States started demanding telecommunications companies dismantle Huawei and ZTE equipment, a procedure that is expected to expense billions. Both Australia, as well as New Zealand, followed the United States in banning Huawei and ZTE technology soon thereafter.

ZTE Huawei

The United Kingdom plans to eliminate all Huawei and ZTE hardware by 2027 as well. ZTE and Huawei 5G hardware must be removed from Canada’s telecommunications by June 28, 2024. End-of-death dates for legacy 4G equipment are set for 2027. Even though Chinese telecoms BCE and Telus have allegedly reduced their purchases of Huawei and ZTE gear in preparation for the embargo, a substantial amount of infrastructure is still being thrown out. Protection, it seems, comes at steep costs, sometimes billions.