Reasons You Should Purchase a Mac Rather Than Building a New Rig

Going to buy or assemble a PC this summer. Wait, here are a few reasons why you should drop the idea and go for a Mac this summer.

1. Better software and hardware ecosystem


Purchasing a Mac has the added benefit of seamlessly integrating with your other Apple products, such as your iPhone, iPad, and HomePod, plus your Apple Watch. There is no need for any extra settings to take use of capabilities like as smooth texting, chatting, online surfing, note-taking, task management, and picture and shared files throughout your Mac and its other buddies. Furthermore, capabilities like AirDrop and the ability to use an iPad as a secondary screen for your computer, securing your device with an Apple Watch, along with streaming music from the former to a HomePod are perks of having an Apple device.

2. Apps and the OS are more secure


Many malicious hackers focus their virus and phishing attempts on Windows clients solely since Windows is the most popular operating system out there. A larger market share implies more machines for cybercriminals to attack, and hence more money for their attempts. Malware hitting Windows devices has a greater likelihood of completion for this, thus many hackers are ready to put in the time and energy to build new types.

Even while Macs are not immune to viruses or cyber-attacks, they are less likely to be the victim of a cyber assault or Malware than PCs are. As a result of Apple’s full command over both hardware and software, Mac devices are usually more protected than Windows computers.

3. Fewer annoyances


Hundreds of thousands of hackers across the globe are continually searching for a way to attack a weakness in Windows computers. Consequently, Microsoft must routinely provide security and software fixes, along with the patches from programmers in order to address these concerns. It may rapidly become tiresome and frustrating when users have to wait so long for an update to be applied each time you boot, shut down, or switch on your computer. Additionally, drivers or system files may fail or prove unsuitable with a fresh patch at a whim, resulting in difficulties such as the loss of Bluetooth functionality, interruptions in your internet connection, and even your Computer breaking out of nowhere.

4. A higher number of free built-in apps


If you decide to buy Windows PC rather than Mac, you should be aware that just a handful of the OS’s included programs are true of any value. After installing the operating system, you would not be able to run applications like MS Word and a good picture or video editor. Otherwise, you may get a free alternative or purchase the software from a third-party provider.  There are a lot of cheap and helpful programs on macOS that users could employ right out of the package, such as Garageband, and iMovie, as well as a built-in PDF reader and editor.