Microsoft Making Users User Edge Even if They Don’t Want To

Now since it’s based on Chromium’s code, Microsoft’s Edge browser launches automatically on Windows 10 and 11. Microsoft has no motivation to make a rival web browser the preferred option. With the Mac, Safari is pre-installed as the primary web browser. Despite this, there is a significant difference in the methods used by the two businesses to promote their browsers. It goes without saying that the sole purpose of this browser is to install a rival web browser.

When you look for a competitor on Bing, Microsoft starts its aggressive shenanigans. Searching “chrome download” produces a popup at the front of the results page that essentially begs you to continue using Edge. It will boast about its Chromium basis and claim that there is no need to switch.


However, this notice will not stop most users from downloading Chrome (or another browser, such as Firefox). It’s time to make it your default browser now that you’ve downloaded it. Microsoft, in contrast to Apple, purposefully made it a cumbersome procedure, one that may be challenging for certain consumers to understand. There is a vast list of file kinds to choose from when changing browsers. Each file type uses a different browser. As a result, you must alter the default for each and every one. Purposefully complicating and prolonging the switchover process is what Microsoft does to discourage people from doing so.

Really That Terrible


What do you think? Is it truly a terrible thing if you’re compelled to open Edge from time to time? Microsoft’s approach is understandable, even if it isn’t. Changing your preferred web browser should not necessitate a considerable amount of technical expertise or effort. Even though there are better options available, Microsoft uses its industry supremacy to coerce customers to choose its products. Because Microsoft is pushing its Edge browser on its customers, it has an advantage over most other firms who are trying to win market share by releasing more and superior features quicker than their rivals. The latter method is how Chrome became the most popular browser. In the beginning, Google sent out clever adverts that surely grew its user base.

Reason Why Nobody Wants To Use Edge

I’m certain Microsoft is aware of this, but Google offers a complete package of capabilities that operate together flawlessly, particularly on Chrome. More individuals than ever before are unable to effectively utilize options outside of Google’s ecosystem. Owing to its Google-like functionality, many Mac users (including myself) choose Chrome over Safari, despite the fact that Safari is quicker and uses less RAM compared to any other browser.


Another of the main factors that drives me to employ Chrome on my Macintosh is the ease with which I can move between many profiles and windows. This way, I’m able to readily distinguish between tabs for work and education. Other online browsers allow for numerous windows, however, just one Google account may be used in each one.

Microsoft hasn’t learned from its mistakes and is once again abusing the market with its Edge web browser. Many consumers will be unable to change their default web browser since the procedure is made by the firm so complex. Antitrust rules might be enforced against the corporation once again, as it seems that it has not learned from its previous errors.

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