Elon Musk’s Vision for Twitter

World-richest guy and narcissistic standard-bearer Elon Musk have finally bought Twitter. He didn’t simply buy 9% of the company’s stock last month; he bought it all. When it boils to doing something like this because of his status as the world’s wealthiest man and his vanity (which accompanies him thanks to his billions in bare bonds and shares), why not?

As soon as some moron first compared Musk to Tony Stark, Musk began embracing the hype about him in the media and among his internet followers, and things went bad from there. It’s very much indicative that you’re dealing with an idiot who believes that his success is purely due to his own brilliance and hard work while neglecting the fact that he was raised a white when South Africa was under apartheid. Because he develops ineffective self-driving vehicles (unless the purpose is to cause harm or death to others) and expensive but ineffective ordinary automobiles, he treats everyone like scum. Workers were pushed into the workplace despite being infected with COVID as a result of his decision.


Since he dislikes the color yellow, he declines to utilize industry-standard yellow labels to denote dangerous locations in his facility. When he’s not manipulating the stats, Tesla has a far greater accident incidence than other car companies.

Well, Everything

While there are plenty of individuals on Planet who might contribute to making Twitter better, Elon Musk’s name is on the list of individuals who could really make it terrible. Twitter will be doomed if Musk insists on an uncensored, unrestricted platform where users can freely communicate themselves, with essentially no barriers in place.

This obsession with unrestricted freedom — a concept that just the Elons of the world comprehend — feels fantastic at midnight in your dormitory following hundreds of bong hits, and tuning to Joe Rogan. However, in the actual world, this is a formula for catastrophe, that’s why no community has attempted it. Yes, it’s possible to be critical of the ways in which technological platforms have attempted to limit free expression. Inconsistent, haphazard, and frequently arbitrary, it’s been a mess.


When it comes to lousy moderation, it’s a lot like claiming that the FDA criteria are too onerous, so we must scrap them and allow everyone who wishes to produce medications in their yard to have a try at it because that’s the only way to fix it. Then, let the consumer beware of what he or she is purchasing.

It’s not necessary to add any more scumbags to Twitter’s userbase. A single individual taking control of everything and reshaping it to fit his or her own agenda is the last thing we want. If Elon Musk does well, it is with my best wishes. I hope, for example, that his plan to establish a colony on Mars succeeds. Hope he can assist usher in new technologies that will allow it to occur. It would be great if the rockets could get the job done. In addition, I’m crossing my fingers that he’s the first one to go.