Learning at Home: 9 Online Platforms with Free Courses

Online education has become an integral part of our lives: without it, it is already difficult to imagine a quality learning process. With the development of technology, it is possible to learn something new without leaving home. The main thing is to know where to absorb new knowledge.

There are a lot of different online services that we can’t imagine our college life without. For example, with dissertation writing services students can delegate some of their writing assignments to manage their time better and to improve their study-life balance. And lots of other websites, platforms, and blogs help students from all over the world to gain the most from their college life.

Modern online platforms can help you learn a new skill or even a new profession on almost any topic of interest.

But first – about the advantages of distance learning. And there are some of them:

  • The cost of the online course compared to offline will be cheaper. And this is understandable because it does not include payment for the use of space, the teacher’s time, and other nuances;
  • saving time. By the way, not only the teacher saves time, but also you: now you don’t have to drive across town and stand in traffic for hours to become a competent UX/UI designer. You make your studying more effective by saving your time and energy;
  • Remote learning is suitable for almost everyone: people with disabilities, those who can’t leave small children, etc;
  • a democratic approach, which manifests itself in the constant availability. Therefore, when you choose an online course, you won’t have to wait for an available slot;
  • Online courses and training are not inferior to classes in classrooms. Except that, at first, you will have to get used to the absence of live communication and be satisfied with the picture in the zoom or other video messengers.


One of the largest educational platforms where international universities and cultural institutions such as MoMA host their courses. Most courses are paid, but Coursera has a useful feature – you can take a course for free without getting a certificate. This is a good opportunity to take a course from world-renowned professors, as well as to learn languages.


The nonprofit platform provides massive open online courses, both paid and free, as well as programs and degrees on a wide range of topics from the world’s leading universities. If you can’t find a course you’re interested in on Coursera, check edX. For example, edX has courses from Harvard or Berkeley that aren’t on Coursera.

Khan Academy

It is an interactive platform with courses that cover not only university curricula but also school courses. If you need to repeat a high school course in algebra, biology, or physics, Khan Academy will be most useful. In addition, the platform picks up the lessons for you – just select a level and a subject, and then you will get a personalized dashboard of learning materials.

University of Oxford Podcasts

Over six thousand podcasts, most of which are public lectures. All podcasts are in English, but it’s a good opportunity to hear lectures from world-renowned professors. In addition, the site is conveniently organized by series, people, and colleges.

Code Academy

This is one of the most famous international platforms for learning programming. First you will be offered to take a test that will determine which programming language you should focus on and at what level to start learning. Then you can start learning – the first 180 hours are free. This is enough time to master the basic information and then decide if you want to study the topic further.

MIT OpenCourseWare

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) gives you the opportunity to download current courses that are open at the university. MIT is one of the leading universities in engineering and technology, but there are other areas as well. For example, anatomy, gender studies, and astrophysics. Courses can be taken, but it is not possible to get a certificate.


An educational platform with paid and free lessons. There are both courses with strict grading (for example, to prepare for the TOEFL exam), and those that do not reduce scores for mistakes, to learn just for yourself.

Elements of AI

An introductory course on artificial intelligence from the Finnish government. According to the course creators, they wanted to make sure that AI would not remain a technology available only to a select group of programmers. The course is designed for the average user who encounters AI every day. The duration is six weeks.


A digital educational platform was created in December 2012. It offers free courses from the world’s leading universities and cultural institutions. Audio, video, and articles are provided to help. Students can also ask questions online and discuss them with other students.

Feel free to use these platforms and other online services provided by CertifiedWriters, follow relevant blogs and websites to make your life easier and much better. We are lucky to live in digital times, so use most of it!