How to fix My Spotify on Android and iOS?

Who doesn’t know Spotify? It’s one of the most popular audio streaming platforms around the world. Spotify users can stream songs and podcasts on almost any device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any smart device. With a huge library of songs and podcasts, Spotify made it easy for everyone to stream their favorite track anytime anywhere. However, a lot of users have complained that Spotify frequently keeps pausing and stopping the playback on the app.

Keep reading this article to know how to fix this issue on Spotify.

There are a few reasons behind the Spotify app’s sudden crash. Some of them are low power mode, corrupted cache files, usage of the same account by someone else, poor internet connection, and more.

Whatever the problem is, try out the solutions we are going to provide and the issue will be fixed:

How to fix My Spotify?

Follow the steps mentioned below to fix My Spotify:

  • First of all, you should check out if the Low Power Mode and Data Saving Mode are on or not. You should turn both of them off from your phone settings.
  • Your internet connection could be the culprit as well. If you have a poor internet connection, try replacing it with a fast internet connection.
  • Moreover, you can try downloading the songs and listening to them offline instead of streaming.
  • Always log into your Spotify account from only one device.
  • Go to your phone settings and clear saved data and cache memory.
  • After all, you should uninstall and install Spotify again.


Your Spotify app should work perfectly after trying out the steps we have mentioned above. Start enjoying songs and podcasts again!

However, if you are still facing any issues let us know in the comment section below.