How to enable Universal Control on iPad and Mac?

Apple has finally introduced the Universal Control feature with a software update. With Universal Control, you can control your iPad and Mac with the same keyboard and mouse. It was one of the most anticipated features. Once you set up Universal Control, you just need to take the cursor beyond the edge of your Mac and the cursor will appear on your iPad. It will help you to use both devices at the same time.

Wondering how to set up Universal Control? Keep reading this article to know how you can enable Universal Control on your iPad and Mac.

Apple introduces ecosystem-based features frequently as the Apple-ecosystem is known to be the best one. Universal Control is the latest one and it eliminates the need to have multiple input devices for iPad and Mac. However, the feature is still in beta.

Without wasting time, let’s check out the step-by-step guide on how to enable Universal Control:

How to enable Universal Control on iPad?

  • Go to Settings on your iPad.
  • Tap on General and go to AirPlay & Handoff section.
  • From there, enable the Cursor and Keyboard feature.

How to enable Universal Control on Mac?

  • Go to System Preferences on your Mac and open the Displays menu.
  • Click on Universal Control at the bottom.
  • There you will find three options:
    • ‘Allow your cursor and keyboard to move between any nearby Mac or iPad’
    • ‘Push through the edge of a display to connect a nearby Mac or iPad’
    • ‘Automatically reconnect to any nearby Mac or iPad’
  • The first two options are mandatory. Select them and you are done!


If you have both an iPad and Mac, you should definitely try out this feature. It is a very useful feature for multitasking on both devices.

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