Top 10 Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

Most web developers use chrome developer options to debug and learn. But some developers use smart tools that make their work way easier. In this article, we will be talking about such tools, which are available on the chrome web store for free. We will look at the 10 best chrome extensions used for web development.

I have compiled this list based on my experience as a web developer, reviews, and discussions posted on various websites.

Best Chrome Extensions for Web Development

1. CSS Peeper 

CSS Peeper

It is a tool that shows the CSS of any element on a web page by hovering your cursor over it. It comes really handy when you revisit your code after a while or try to make consistent elements in your project. With more than 4.5 stars rating and over 200k users, this tool is heavily trusted by developers. So, you can trust this tool without a doubt.

2. Debug CSS

Debug CSS

This extension helps debug CSS grid flaws by outlining every box in a single click. It is better than manually outlining as Debug CSS uses different colors for different elements, making it easier to detect errors. This extension has an almost 5-star rating and is used by more than 10k people. This tool does not require additional permissions so it is safe to use.

3. Wappalyzer


It is a convenient tool for people new to full-stack development. This tool helps you determine what fancy technologies are used to build a particular website. Just a click and all tech secrets are revealed, thus making it easier for you to make a similar project. Having more than a 4.5-star rating, this tool is trusted by over a million users.

4. Colorpick eyedropper

Colorpick eyedropper

If you are working on the front end and struggling to copy and paste hex codes by referring to CSS repeatedly, this tool is a great help in picking colors from your screen. So forget copying hex codes and just install this extension. This tool has an over 4-star rating and is used by over a million people.

5. JSON viewer pro

JSON viewer pro

If you are working with API and POST requests a lot, you need this tool to view JSON easily. This tool organizes JSON and makes it easier to read and understand, just like javascript objects. It also has the option to view objects as a tree. This tool is rated almost 5 stars and is used by over 90k people.

6. Window Resizer

Window Resizer

While making the front end of your project, you must check how your site looks at different screen sizes. Many developers use the chrome developer tool to adjust the size. But it is time-consuming and tiring to do in long shifts. The window resizer extension gives a one-click option to change screen size. This tool is used by over 700k people and is rated 4 stars on the web-store.

7. HTML tree generator

HTML tree generator

This extension helps you to understand HTML structure in a better way. The generated tree represents HTML elements with the help of nodes and branches, thus making it easier to grasp the document’s hierarchy. This extension is used by over 60k people and is rated 4 stars. Since this tool just reads HTML and does not require additional permissions, you should not doubt safety.

8. WhatFont


If you land on a website and find beautiful typography, you can incorporate them into your own with this tool. WhatFont helps extract font names from a webpage by just clicking on the text. Recognizing fonts was never so easy. This extension is rated 4 stars and is used by over a million developers.

9. Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum

As the name suggests, this extension makes lorem ipsum accessible on the go. So no more going to the lorem ipsum website to get some filler text. All you need to do is click on the icon to run the extension. This tool simply generates text and does not interact with page content, so this tool is very safe to use. This extension has an over 4 stars rating and is trusted by over 40k people.

10. Dimensions


This extension is really helpful in debugging the front end when it comes to element sizes. Just hover elements to know their sizes on the go. No need for a chrome inspector. This tool is rated 4 stars and is used by over a million users. Its popularity explains how useful it might be for web developers.


This list can go on forever, but this compilation covers the extensions most used by web developers. This list is based on my personal experience as a web developer and reviews posted on various platforms. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and add them to chrome?