Pac-Man Community has been launched as a new game on Facebook

Pac-Man has been a popular video game for more than four decades, and it continues to remain so. The famous maze run arcade game has undergone various changes over the years, but it appears that the most significant one has only recently been implemented. Pac-Man will now allow several players to compete against one other, adding a fresh twist to the classic game’s formula.

Pac-Man Community is the name given to the new version of the game, which is only available on Facebook at this time. Playing co-op Pac-Man with up to three other individuals is possible in Pac-Man Community, according to the developers. There is no change in the objective of the game; you must escape from the ghosts that are chasing you around the maze.

The traditional model will not be available in the new game, on the other hand. Users will also be able to create their own levels in the Pac-Man Community. It does so using a new Maze Creator tool, which enables gamers to design personalised mazes and challenges for their friends to complete. The players can work together to escape the ghosts while still competing with one another for the highest possible score.

The new game was created by Genvid in collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment and is available now. Intriguingly, the game has a strong preference for in-game networking as well, allowing users to play alongside their friends or gaming video makers. By using Facebook’s Play with Streamer function, broadcasters may ask their viewers to participate in their games as participants.

Pac-Man Community will also have a Watch option, which will include live streams of the game from Facebook Gaming creators. Watch mode, which is powered by Facebook Interactives, transforms mazes into 3D streams that are powered by Unreal Engine. Once a site has been selected, viewers may interact directly with the video player in order to power up the AI Pac-Man or Ghosts participating in the competition. It’s referred to be “a constant interactive Pac-Man viewing party” on Facebook. Watch mode will also be able to support maps that have been made by the player within the game.

It is currently possible to play Pac-Man Community on Facebook, and it can also be accessed via the website or the mobile app. As soon as the game begins, gamers will be able to select from one of three alternatives, namely, Play, Create, or Watch. By selecting the first choice, you will be presented with four further options: start a fast game with random people online, play the classic Pac-Man alone, create your own Maze, or join a private room with other players.

Users may create their own mazes and save or remove them later using the “My Mazes” option, which is accessible through the Create menu. The third option allows you to participate in the game by watching other participants on Facebook.

A new Facebook game called Pac-Man Community appears to be yet another attempt by the social media giant to expand its position in the online gaming industry. In light of the fact that the social media platform has managed to create a completely new form for a game that already has a large user population in the millions, there is a good likelihood that the game will provide a significant boost to the platform’s entire user base.