Top 10 Best Minecraft Horses and How to Get them

In Minecraft, horses are one of the greatest and fastest forms of transportation. When you’re stranded in the middle of the night, you’ll need a method to go back to your base, as well as a way to explore new places. Overall, it’s a fantastic companion to take on your journeys. So how do you decide which of these tameable gangs to pick? Here’s all you need to know about choosing the right horse for you.

Minecraft Best Horses

1. Nightmare

Nightmare horse

The Nightmare has a fiery-reddish coat and is fire-resistant. When a whip is used on the ground alongside them, nightmares might leave a path of fire behind them. However, the player will not be burned unless they dismount. When its ability is triggered, you should ride it carefully because it has the potential to set buildings and houses on fire, therefore do so in an open area.

You can get a Nightmare by offering the Essence of Fire to a Zorse. Alternatively, you may discover them spawning naturally in the Nether, although they are hostile and cannot be tamed. You may also acquire a unicorn by feeding the Nightmare an essence of light.

2. Dark Pegasus

Dark Pegasus Minecraft

The Dark Pegasus is one of the most dangerous mobs in the Mo’ Creatures Mod. It lives at night and spawns in caverns that are entirely black. This species of Pegasus Minecraft horses cannot be tamed in the wild since the crowd is hostile. Although feeding a Zorse (a horse-zebra hybrid) with the essence of darkness will result in a friendly creature.

While it can spawn in the wild, feeding the Zorse an Essence of Darkness is the best way to tame a Black Pegasus. Another option is to feed an essence of darkness to a Pegasus above cloud level, resulting in the fireproof Black Pegasus. It’s hazardous in survivor mode, but it’s much simpler in Creative.

3. Unicorns

Unicorns Minecraft

Mo’ Creatures Mod introduces a fresh new magical aspect to Minecraft with the 1.6 release, Unicorns! Unicorn Minecraft horses may strike enemy mobs with their horns by lowering them and charging them with them. However, if you equip a slotted horse helm on the unicorn, it will be able to equip a wand and use the magic of its horn to attack.

The Unicorn may be obtained by utilizing a Nightmare and an Essence of Light. They may also be bred with two light essences.

4. Fairy Horse

Fairy Horse minecraft

This is one of the most difficult horses to get, and it can only be discovered in the Mo’ Creatures Mod. It can only be acquired by mating the rare unicorn and Pegasus, which necessitates the sacrifice of both expensive horses in the breeding procedure.

One of the most difficult horses to get using Mo’ Creatures Mod is the Fairy Horse. This is accomplished by mating a Pegasus and a Unicorn. You must utilize two Essence of Light instead of pumpkins, cake, or mushroom stew in regular breeding conditions.

5. Zombie horse

Minecraft Zombie horse

Once domesticated and mounted, zombie horses may be one of the game’s quickest modes of transportation. Zombie Minecraft horses can also be used to climb hills and leap fences, as well as be ridden in any depth of water. Zombie horses do not spawn naturally in the game and must be summoned using the /summon command or a spawn egg.

When utilizing a spawn egg, 20% of the time, foals will spawn. Additionally, the Zombie Horse cannot be tamed, ridden, or bred when created using a spawn egg.

6. The Ender horse

The Ender horse in minecraft

If the Zombie or Skeleton Horse isn’t exciting enough for you, you may try spawning the Ender Horse with The Ender Horse Addon. It is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to generate the hidden Ender Horse. It’s easy to tame because it’s the same as taming regular horses. You’ll need to equip it with a saddle to be able to completely manage it.

While riding the horse on Windows 10, press “E” and move the saddle to the right spot. This horse will not die easily with 33 full hearts. However, you’ll need to employ bursts of damage potion to keep them alive.

7. Mules

Minecraft Mules

Mules, like donkeys, may carry chests and grow your inventory, however, they lack the constancy of donkeys in terms of statistics. Because it is a cross between a horse and a donkey, it may have the average speed of both, which may be quicker than the donkey, but it may also be slower if mated with a slow horse and a donkey.

Because mules do not naturally spawn, they can only be produced by crossing the horse and the donkey. The foal mule will then spawn. It may also be generated via spawn eggs, with a 20 percent chance of spawning as a foal.

8. Skeleton horse

Minecraft Skeleton horse

Skeleton Horses are an undead version of the ordinary horse and one of the passive mobs. Skeleton horses can now appear spontaneously in the wild with the Minecraft 1.6 release. They can only spawn from skeleton traps, which may be found in places where a normal horse cannot, like in the middle of the ocean.

Skeleton horses may also be ridden in the water at any depth and along the ocean floor once domesticated. Only skeleton traps can be used to get skeleton horses. While it is raining, a skeleton horse may appear out of nowhere, but because it is a passive mob, it will do nothing and continue going.

9. Normal Horses

Normal Horses in Minecraft

In the plains and savannas, these mobs may be found in small herds of 2-6 and spawning. While there are numerous variations and colors of this type of horse, the statistics – health, speed, and jump strength – are the most important factors to consider when choosing the finest horse. And you won’t know the precise figures until you’ve tamed and ridden them.

The first step in taming a wild horse is to approach it. You may mount the horse by approaching it and right-clicking it with your empty hand. Even if you get tossed off a few times, simply keep caressing and mounting the horse, and you’ll see a few hearts eventually. That indicates you’ve managed to control it.

10. Donkeys

Donkeys - Best Horses in Minecraft

Donkeys may be smaller and less magnificent than Minecraft horses, and they may be a little slower, but they have the advantage of being able to carry chests, which means more things and resources for your lengthy travels and adventures.

Donkeys, unlike horses, share the same speed and jumping ability, however, speed potions can be used on them. Although they are less common than horses, they may be found in the plains, savanna, and towns. Taming a donkey is similar to taming a horse.