4 Ways to Monetize Your Twitch Stream

It’s the dream of many gamers to make money playing video games. While many of the top gamers in the world are making hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars each year, you don’t have to have thousands of people on your Twitch stream to make money. You simply need a loyal following and some creativity. If you find it difficult to get your target followers then you may look for ways to buy legit followers.

How to monetize Twitch Streams?

1. Join the Twitch Partners Program

Twitch offers the Twitch Partner Program where streamers can get a cut of subscriber fees and advertising revenue. This can be a lucrative part of monetizing your stream, but there are specific criteria that need to be met before streamers qualify. This includes completing the Path to Partner achievement while demonstrating a large, engaged viewership or following on other platforms. Streamers must also create content that conforms to the Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and DMCA Guidelines.

Keep in mind that certain stipulations come with qualified viewership that has been established by Twitch. This means that certain types of content will not count toward viewership numbers. Furthermore, completing the Path to Partner achievement is the first step toward monetizing and does not mean that you’re automatically qualified.

2. Make T-shirts and Other Merchandise

If you haven’t qualified for the Twitch Partners Program, you can still make money by selling merchandise. Most streamers have a logo that they use to identify themselves on their video game streams. Sell t-shirts, hats, stickers, and anything you want with your logo on it. Your loyal audience will love to buy these items to show their support for you and spread the word about their favorite streamer.

What’s more, you’re going to come across your favorite catchphrases, jokes, and other things that your audience will love that are unique to your stream. You can put these phrases on whatever items you’d like and sell them in an online shop. Merchandising is a great way to bring in some money while getting help from your audience to spread the word about your Twitch channel.

3. Use Affiliate Marketing

If you have products that you enjoy and would feel good about selling to others, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. Many companies will give you a link or a discount code that you can give to your audience that will encourage them to buy from a specific company. This works out for you because you’ll get a commission from the sale. Each link or discount code is tracked back to the affiliate partner then the company will pay out a certain percentage of each sale. Companies like doing these types of programs because it makes marketing to their target demographic cheaper and easier.

Most companies that use affiliate marketing make it so that marketing for their partners is incredibly easy and provide art and graphics that can be used on your Twitch stream. For instance, you might be able to get a graphic overlay that’s specifically designed to go on your Twitch stream.

One of the largest affiliate programs online is with Amazon. If you qualify for the Amazon  Associates Program, you’ll be given a link to direct shoppers to the website. You’ll be given a commission anytime they buy something within 24 hours of clicking your link. You can make links to specific items that you use like your games, controllers, keyboard, chair, and anything else you use that’s sold on Amazon.

4. Get Sponsors

Traditional sponsors will pay out on a schedule based on your agreement with them. Most often they’ll ask for a product plug of company name drop in some way to promote them. You can work with companies you feel are a good fit for what you do on your stream and your audience.

Keep in mind that sponsors aren’t always easy to come by. You can get creative with how some companies sponsor your stream and reach out to them with a pitch. One way you can do this is with a one-time sponsorship fee on your stream. Consider the types of games that you play and think of a fun way you can get a company to pay for you to promote their product.

For example, video game YouTuber TheRadBrad has companies pay for small upgrades, character gear, or player boosts in exchange for advertising. He’s able to get in-game perks without paying for them because big companies like Nabisco are willing to take care of the small price tag for him in exchange for him promoting their products in his videos. Shop around for companies that you think would be a good fit for your audience and pitch them the idea. Multiple small sponsorships can add up to solid revenue in the end.