Maharashtra, First state to integrate Ethereum in Education System

The Ethereum blockchain is expected to be integrated with the Indian education system in order to offer students with tamper-proof graduation certificates.

In collaboration with LegitDoc, an Indian blockchain technology start-up, the Maharashtra government has made this monumental step forward in its efforts to combat cybercrime.

When the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD) made the official announcement on World Youth Skills Day in 2021, it was a momentous occasion.

The Government of Maharashtra is concentrating on creating the world’s largest educational credentialing system, driven by blockchain technology, with almost one million credentials in the near future.

A software-as-a-service platform known as LegitDoc is assisting the government by utilizing a combination of the Ethereum blockchain and a cryptographic method to aid in the verification of documents.

Yes, there is now a debate over the legal position of cryptocurrencies in India, which is ongoing. The Indian government, on the other hand, has given a clean chit to the use of the Ethereum blockchain in the school system.

For the next eight years, the start-up will allow the issuance and verification of around one million digital certificates for MSBSD students. It is a crucial step in putting an end to the practice of forging papers and the illegal business that they do.

Blockchain technology has begun to change the financial industry throughout the world as a result of its smart features and functionality.

When the Government of Maharashtra discovered its transparency potential, it sought to become the fourth body, joining the Governments of Malta and Bahrain as well as the Government of Singapore, to integrate the Ethereum blockchain in the education system.

The collaboration with LegitDoc will enable the company to combat the most professional document forgery through the use of the most secure and transparent blockchain technology available on the market.

Students enrolled in the MSBSD program will get a “certificate” file including the original PDF graduation certificate as well as a proof of completion from the Ethereum blockchain generated by the software.

The authentication and verification procedure can be carried out by current or former students, as well as by workers, employers, or representatives from any other university.

It is widely recognized as the most cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, and migration-friendly approach available to students.

The deployment of the Ethereum blockchain has resulted in a considerable reduction in the amount of personnel required to give freedom from this dull and repetitive process involving thousands of certificates.

This has provided staff with the chance to concentrate on other high-priority tasks, which has resulted in increased productivity in the workplace.

Its mission is to detect a fool-proof, tamper-proof, and bullet-proof document by utilizing the most secure record-keeping technology available in the twenty-first century, known as blockchain technology, to identify the document.

It includes documents such as mark sheets, certificates, insurance papers, permits, invoices, land records, tickets, and a plethora of other types of documentation.