How To Increase Inventory Space In Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village drops players into the nightmare immediately, places them in a strange town with legions of monsters. When it comes to creating the players a demanding challenge, the new installation of the long-term series does not take any blow. But fans face the task of creating a new record number for Steam players simultaneously. When surviving the monsters in the resident Evil Village they may encounter, players will want to invest time and money to increase their collection. More store space will allow players to carry more weapons, ammunition, and bombers into small pieces to blow wolves and vampires.

The Duke, ResidentEvil Village’s pleasant merchant, can buy inventory upgrades of space. Fortunately, the Duke is a hijacker who often appears to players in a suitable place, to find them in the storey at different stages. First, Castle Dumitrescu, introduces himself, allowing the players the opportunity to buy major things.


If you do business with the Duke, you can pick the Supplies tab and see the Extra Luggage choice. It comes at two levels: one costs ten thousand lei, and one costs thirty thousand lei. It’s lots of money, but it’s worth it to pick up any weapon in the game players can find. The game can be used by players to earn cash by battling bosses like Lady Dumitrescu, locate rare objects, or find hidden treasures. In exchange for Lei, these items may be sold to the Duke. While at the beginning of the game, the combined 40,000 Lei price seems big, players should be in the middle of the storey more Lei than they know.

Alert players can discover hundreds of items they can sell when playing through the stages of Resident Evil Village, giving the money more than twice their inventory. Inventory control is another critical feature of the game. The game is not the easiest way to find out how to store objects automatically. Players should periodically review their inventory to ensure the most effective storage of their health products, ammunition, guns, and other bits and pieces.

The last thing to remember is that certain guns are upgrades for others so that players who are crossing a new gun or shotgun will happily sell any they encounter at the very beginning of the game, allowing them a quick boost to take inventory expansion at the earliest possible moment.