Safety Has Priority! Utopia Private Encrypted Messenger Review

In today’s world, the issue of personal data protection is very acute. After all, you see, few of us want correspondence with anyone to become public, even if there is nothing criminal in it. To prevent this the developers created special private encrypted messenger.

The production, consumption, and exchange of information is an integral part of everyone’s life today. Many can not imagine a day without messaging with friends via messengers, because they, in turn, are the most popular and affordable way of communication in the modern world.

The number of existing messengers is in the hundreds, and the number of people using at least one of them is close to 100% of all smartphone and PC users. At the same time, only some of the messengers, or rather, a very small number of them, work without a centralized server and are focused on security and anonymity.

It turns out that using a particular messenger, a person can not be sure of the confidentiality of their data, both transmitted using messages and stored on the device itself, because, in most cases, the user provides permission to access contacts, photos, location, etc.

What is to be done?

As we know, demand creates supply, and the IT community is experimenting with secure protocols and new technologies. Today, several promising messengers are at the stage of alpha or beta versions but have already got rid of many disadvantages of their mainstream counterparts. A common feature of these developments: they all try to get away from storing data on a single server as one of the main vulnerabilities, as well as get rid of binding to the phone.

One of the most successful messengers in this matter is the private encrypted messenger Utopia, which is currently in the final stage of beta-testing.

Utopia messenger is designed to solve the problem of user information protection, the paradigm of the creators of which is the security of data in correspondence, as well as complete security and privacy on the Internet.

Private Encrypted Messenger: Briefly in Terms!

Utopia is a private encrypted messenger that can guarantee a 100% degree of safety of your data. You can send messages and the necessary files, create public and private channels. That’s a part of a specially designed decentralized ecosystem based on the P2P network technology which is created for completely safe work on the Internet. When developing the project, the most modern encryption methods and unique technology were used, which made the software available for both ordinary people and business.

According to the developers, Utopia has several advantages:

  • Users will retain ownership of their data, information and communication operations.
  • Global connectivity. Users will be able to establish secure connections from anywhere in the world.
  • Data ownership. Developers have created a decentralized, impenetrable network to protect user data and ensure the privacy of content.
  • Wide functionality. In the ecosystem, you can browse pages, chat, make e-commerce payments without leaving the page, or simply communicate in ways such as personal correspondence, calls, and file transfers. Developers can also use the network to create new ideas and projects and continue to complement existing offerings in the ecosystem. Now, there are such available features as:
  • Idyll Browser

A new generation browser based on P2P network technology. This means that there are no servers in the system that usually store all the data, this function is performed by special peers, each of which is both a user and a server. This way you surf the sites anonymously and do not leave a trace.

  • uMail

Alternative service for transferring messages and files, which replaces the classic email. However, uMail provides a greater degree of security, because it is based on a specially designed closed ecosystem, so access to data is available only to the user. When you register, the system creates your crypto container, where all your data is held and the access to which only you have.

  • uWallet

The financial side of the software is provided by a specially developed cryptocurrency – Crypton, which is held in uWallet. With cryptons, you can make purchases or accept payments in the ecosystem directly. All these actions can be performed completely anonymously and safely.

  • Mining rig

You can earn Cryptons within the ecosystem. With it, you can conduct and accept any transactions. For instance, you can create your online store, accept any payments, provide services within one platform. This is safe to perform all these actions, as the system is based on blockchain technology, which involves the creation of an optimal level of security already at the database.

  • Multiplayer games

The entertainment side of the ecosystem is the ability to create and test games in itself.

  • Design

The aesthetic side of the system involves the possibility of changing the design to suit every taste. You can change any interface elements, move them or create new ones. More opportunities will appear after the official launch of the ecosystem.

Final word

It is reasonably safe to suggest that the future belongs to such ecosystems, which are based on revolutionary ideas of functionality and methods of data protection on the world wide web. For instance, P2P network has such the main advantages as:

  • zero administration approach;
  • self-organization capabilities and adaptability;
  • free peers, which (i.e., network members) are free to join and to leave a network of P2P-system handles;
  • distribution and decentralizing of data;
  • user anonymity.