Top Screen Recorders | 5 Tips for High Quality Video Recording

Do you want to record videos from your screen that have impressive quality? To be honest, it isn’t really all that hard to do that, and you just need to make sure you have all your bases covered.

Top Screen Recorders

The first thing that you’ll need if you want to record high-quality videos is a good screen recorder. Out of the many options that are out there, three of the best are:

1. Movavi Desktop Recorder

As a user-friendly option, few can match the Movavi desktop recorder. It will make it easy to set up and start recording videos from your screen and has an editor that you can use to improve the footage that you record afterward. In short, it will make recording high-quality videos easy, and give you the means to produce impressive content from them too.

2. OBS Studio

Overall this software is very popular for recording in-game videos and is a good screen recorder generally too. It has all the essential features you would need including webcam capture, and its only drawback is that its interface can be a bit confusing for beginners.

3. FlashBack Express

With a user-friendly interface and simple controls, FlashBack Express is relatively easy to use – and has quite a few advanced options and features. On top of that, it includes some basic editing tools as well that you can use to trim and crop the video that is recorded.

4. Veed

VEED works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and on smartphones too. It is online, easy to use, and packed with awesome features such as video editing, compression, captioning, screen recording, online teleprompter, and so much more

5 Tips to Improve Video Quality

To record high-quality videos from your screen, there are a few areas in particular that you should focus on:

  • Maximize the area that is captured to record in a higher resolution – possibly by maximizing the window that is being recorded or running apps in full screen. That will make your video definition look sharper.
  • Increase the frame rate setting in the screen recorder. A frame rate of 30 or higher is considered good and will produce videos that look smoother.
  • Optimize the system performance especially if you notice issues such as delays while recording. Typically a good place to start is by closing unnecessary apps or background processes.
  • Clear any clutter to make the composition look clean. For example, you could move unnecessary icons from the desktop, hide system tray items, and minimize the number of open apps on the taskbar.
  • Improve the microphone audio quality if recording a voiceover. That can be done by using a better microphone, keeping it still, and minimizing background noise.

Essentially these tips will help you to record videos that have much better quality and look more impressive overall. Each will affect your video differently, so it is important that you try to use them all.

All in all, you should easily be able to record high-quality videos using the right screen recording software and a good approach. In fact, why not give it a try for yourself and see the quality that you can expect.