5 Reasons to Use a VPN App for Your Smartphone

VPN apps allow you to gain privacy and security online while also expanding your online freedom. The most important part of a VPN service is the encryption that it provides. VPN software ensures that all the data coming and going from your devices is securely scrambled making it completely inaccessible to anybody.

Virtual Private Networks also conceal your real location, this is achieved by connecting to a VPN server in a remote location. As a result, you can gain access to websites and services that are usually unavailable. Let’s check out the five best reasons to use an Android or iOS VPN.

  1. Gain privacy from your ISP

All over the world, Internet Service Providers keep records of what their subscribers do online. Most often, these records are stored in order to comply with government regulations. However, in the US ISPs are even permitted to store that data in order to sell it onto third parties. If you don’t want the government and random third parties, such as advertisers, getting hold of your web browsing habits – you must conceal them with a VPN.

  1. Bypass restrictions

If you have ever visited a website only to be served a notice telling you it is unavailable, then you will understand the need for a VPN. The same goes if you have ever accessed a Youtube video that was unavailable in your country. ISPs block many streaming sites, file-sharing sites, and other sites that have been blacklisted by the government.

Geo-restrictions ensure that some websites and online services are restricted to specific countries, which means you can’t always access everything you want to see. With a VPN, you can pretend to be in any country. This lets you bypass local restrictions or censorship, and access country-specific content too.

  1. Access content while on vacation

When you travel overseas it is possible you might visit countries with extreme censorship programs. In China, for example, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other services are blocked. With a VPN it doesn’t matter where you go; you can always access that content.

In addition, geo-restrictions from your country of origin mean that you can’t access internet banking or other local services while you are abroad. With a VPN, however, you can easily pretend to be back home – to use the internet as if you were in your own home.

  1. Watch more Netflix titles

One of the most popular reasons to get a VPN is to take advantage of the US Netflix catalog. Many countries have much smaller catalogs of titles, but with a VPN anybody can easily pretend to be in the US to watch more Netflix. The same goes for other services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go – a VPN can let you unblock content on just about any service.

However, it is important to be aware that not every VPN provider actually unblocks Netflix – so you must be sure to check out an expert guide and get the right VPN.

  1. Stay safe on public WiFi

When you use public WiFi hotspots you open yourself up to attacks by hackers. Badly implemented WiFi security can allow cybercriminals to snoop on your connection. This allows them to steal passwords, payment details, credit card data, and other sensitive information.

It is even possible to accidentally stumble across “evil twin” hotspots that belong to hackers. VPN encryption completely scrambles your data, meaning that no matter what WiFi hotspot you decide to use – your data is always secure.