5 Best Free Productivity Tools For Programmers and Developers

Programming is no doubt a time-consuming task. it’s extremely common to see people lose concentration while writing code. If you are a programmer or developer, you definitely have some deadlines to meet, but that’s not possible if your productivity hampers for any reason. Today, I am here with five best productivity tools for programmers and developers. So, without any further ado, let’s get started..!!

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Best Free Productivity Tools For Programmers or Developers

1. Clockify


Clockify is a free time tracking software that primarily helps you track the time you spend on different projects. You just have to type in what you’re working on and start the timer. Once you stop the timer, it automatically adds your coding activities to a list of your time entries.

It can also show you data like how productive you are (weekly, monthly or yearly) as well as calculate billable hours and payroll. In order to make things more interesting, Clockify can also gamify the process of coding. You just have to set estimates for each task, track time for them and try to beat the estimated time in a race against the clock.

2. Habitica


Habitica helps you create daily tasks, to-dos, and habits. You might have already used habit tracker or to-do apps in the past. But Habitica is different from them. This software makes the entire process of tracking progress quite fun.

Habitica works on the concept of an RPG game, where you can level up by completing your tasks. As you make progress with your work, you also find pets, collect coins and equipment. A reward system is there to motivate you and keep pushing forward.

This habit tracker app comes with guilds and group quests feature which can help you if you work in a team. Just add your project activities in a group quest and link team member’s tasks together. Now, if you procrastinate and doesn’t finish your task on time, other member’s characters also take damage. Ultimately, you’ll have to be more responsible for your assigned tasks.

3. musicForPrograming


According to an experiment done by Middle State Tennessee University, instrumental music helps you focus on the work. But in the highly tight schedule how one can find the right kind of music?

The musicforProgramming is a very interesting website having an interface like a code-editor and works as a music generator to increase productivity. Just, put your headphones on, select any of the playlists available and then click on ‘PLAY’ to start it. Most of the tracks on this website are instrumental which is good to enhance your productivity.

4. The Silver Searcher

Productivity Tools For Programmers or Developers

Code researching i.e writing, reading or searching code takes a significant amount of time and hampers the productivity.

The Silver Searcher is one of the best code-searching tools which is popular for its speed. It’s also known as Ag, in short, and has similar features like Ack. But it’s almost 34x faster than Ack in displaying results. The Silver Searcher allows you to indicate files for more specific reports. It’s available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and BSD.

5. MantisBT

mantis bt

Mantis is an open source web-based bug tracking system. It’s a cross-platform tool that sends updates to your team on detecting issues through email notifications. You can also specify what kind of issues you want to track using MantisBT in terms of type and seriousness.

MantisBT also records the changes made to issues, so that you can easily track them for analysis. Though it’s primarily used to track software defects and report them, you can even configure and use it as a project management tool.

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Final Words

I hope you found this list useful. Of course, there are many alternatives to this software but most of them are paid. If you are an individual developer or a startup who is not in a position to spend on such tools, you should definitely try these tools. Do you know any other useful free tool for programmers? Let us know in the comments below.