20 Most Useful Tools For Programmers And Developers

Programming can be a very hectic task, especially if you are handling a complex project. Sometimes even small projects can give you a hard time. Have you ever found yourself on the verge of giving up in the middle of a project?

There are different programming tools that can simplify the coding process and improve your levels of productivity. Here are the 20 most helpful tools for programmers.

20 Useful tools for Coders

1. Devdocs.io

This is the API documentation for all the popular programming languages. It combines different API documentation into one powerful tool. It also works on different frameworks of programming languages. The tool has an instant search feature that you can use to locate any code snippet you want. You can also use it when offline.

2. Glitch.com

Glitch is a versatile tool that allows programmers to do different actions. You can use it to create web apps in the browser. If you want to see similar projects that other people have made, you can simply import GitHub repos. It will be much easier to remix those apps hence shortening the development process. The tool allows programmers to invite other people into projects.

3. Codeply.com 

Codeply is an ideal tool for front-end developers. It can help you to build responsive layouts using Bootstrap. It also has the SemanticUI and CSS tools both of which are important for front-end development.

4. Babeljs.io

The tool is best suited for JavaScript developers. It can transform your modern JavaScript code so that they become compatible with older browsers.

5. Bundlephobia.com

Bundlephobia is a tool that allows programmers to download different packages in the NPM registry. You can also upload your package.json file so that it can scan all the dependencies in your project.

6. Regexr.com

You can use this tool to test the regular expressions that you have created in the browser.

7. Jex.im

Jex enables programmers to write regular expressions into an editor and they, in turn, get the visual representation of how the expressions work.

8. Httpie.org

This is a command-line tool that programmers use to make HTTP requests to the web servers and also to the RESTful APIs. The tool is regarded as a simpler version of CURL thanks to its capability.

9. Explainshell.com 

Are you a Unix user? This tool allows one to type any Unix command and you will get a visual explanation of each command that you used.

10. Buildregex.com

This tool provides an easy way for programmers to create regular expressions visually.

11. Mackaroo.com

This is a tool for generating test data. This data can be generated in different formats including CSV, SQL, JSON among others.

12. Jsdelivr.com

The tool enables programmers to serve any WordPress plugin or GitHub file through a CDN. It allows one to combine several files in a single URL and to get the minified versions of JS and CSS.

13. Tldr.ostera.io

The website gives programmers practical and efficient examples of dealing with Unix commands. You won’t have to go into the Unix man pages.

14. Wakatime.com

This is a programming tool that helps you to quantify your coding. It records the essential programming metrics that you would like to know. The tool can be integrated with the most popular code editors.

15. Carbon.now.sh

The tool allows programmers to create and share beautiful images of their codes. In addition to that, the tool has a syntax highlighting feature for all popular programming languages.

16. Hyper.is

This is basically a command-line terminal tool that can add superior features to your terminal.

17. Astexplorer.net

This tool will allow you to paste your JavaScript code into its editor. It will, in turn, generate an Abstract Syntax Tree which will give you a better understanding of how the JavaScript code works.

18. Trackjs.com

If you specialize in JavaScript programming, this is one of the tools that you must have. It is a JavaScript error tracking tool. It will notify you once it has detected an error.

19. Curlbuilder.com

This tool allows programmers to make their own custom curl requests through the browser.

20. Htaccess.madewithlove.be

The tool allows programmers to test the redirect rules and rewrite them in the .htaccess file of your Apache server.

With these 20 programming tools, your life as a programmer will be much easier. If you have any other tool that you think should be on this list, let us know in the comment section.