Best Computer Science YouTube Channels in 2024

As computer science enthusiasts, there are several sources of information. One of them is YouTube. Apart from visiting YouTube for entertainment, there are lots of things about Computer Science that you can learn from this giant video-sharing platform. To achieve, this, you need to subscribe to the best channels for computer science.

But, which are these channels? Here are the best YouTube channels where you can learn about computer science.

YouTube Channels for Computer Science

1. The NewBoston

The NewBoston is a comprehensive YouTube channel that is suitable for any computer science student. It has thousands of videos that cover almost all the key areas of computer science and technology in general.

If you want to be a programmer, the channel will teach you how to become one. It has tutorials on different programming languages. Whether you want to be a web developer or an app developer, you will find the right tutorials for whichever language you would like to use.

The YouTuber (Bucky Roberts) delivers his tutorials in an exceptional way. They are somehow entertaining and easy to understand. Any computer science enthusiast regardless of experience will grasp what is being taught. It is also a perfect YouTube channel for someone who is just getting into programming.

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2. Derek Banas

While scouting for the best computer science YouTube channel, do not hesitate to stop by Derek Banas. The channel has some good content that will definitely add value to your life as a tech enthusiast.

The channel focuses on promoting fast learning. It helps students to grasp a concept fast and within a short time. It is also an all-around YouTube channel that covers various topics of computer science.

Some of the topics here include web development, game development, mobile app development, AI, and database programming among others.

3. MIT OpenCourseWare

The name doesn’t lie. The YouTube channel is owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The institute is known in the computer science arena for producing some of the best tech-related products. The MIT OpenCourseWare is a purely educational channel that publishes videos that are relevant to computer science students.

The channel has a complete playlist dedicated to computer science and programming. Apart from the step-by-step tutorials, some videos will give you tips on how to be a better programmer.

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4. Computerphile

Computerphile is just among the many YouTube channels that are owned by a popular YouTuber: Brady Haran. He is known for other channels about mathematics, physics, and astronomy. On this channel, he dedicates himself to giving his audience relevant content on computer science.

Some of the ‘hot’ topics that you will encounter on this channel include Blockchain technology, game development, code testing, and mobile app development among others. Computerphile also has entertaining videos that are based on the theme of technology and computer science.

5. Google Developers

Google has some power over how various platforms run. As a computer science student, you need to stay updated on any information that is released from this company.

This channel is owned by Google and its content is tailored for developers. It will give you valuable insights into building apps that run on different platforms such as Android and even Google Chrome. Once you subscribe to the channel, you will be getting constant notifications from Google regarding some of its products.

6. Learn

Are you aspiring to be a web developer? This is the right channel for you. Its content is purely on web development. It has plenty of videos on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, and many others.

The channel has lessons on web design, web deployment, and website administration tips.

7. Treehouse

Treehouse is definitely among the best YouTube channels for computer science. Treehouse has tried to establish itself as the best online coding school. The channel has tutorials on various programming languages.

Lessons on this channel are well-organized and at the end of each tutorial, you will be required to answer several questions. Apart from programming, the channel has numerous videos that will give you valuable tips and motivation.

8. Levels Up Tutorials

Levels Up Tutorials is another YouTube channel whose content is curated for web developers. It covers key aspects of web development and web design. Some of the topics that are well covered on the channel include HTML, React Native, and UX prototyping among others.

9. Jelvix-Tech in 5 minutes!

On this channel, Jelvix shares its own experience in business and software development, best technology trends, news, and insights. As the name suggests, the channel brings insights into the world of technology, the Internet of Things, software development, mobile app coding, infrastructure, security, cloud.

Do you have any other channels that you think should have made it to this list? Add them in the comment section.