Why Learn Python | How to become certified Python Programmer?

What is Python and why is it so popular now?

Python has recently been doing quite the rounds. Well, no this ain’t a new language and was developed long back in the year 1991. However, Python has become quite popular these days. This is an interpreted programming language which is being used worldwide to develop websites, algorithms and simplifying the process of automation.

You might think why Python is important when there are so many other languages too.

Any program would be of a few lines only if coded using Python instead of another programming language. Python makes it really easy and simple to code lines correctly. The process of coding Python is so simple that it has helped take this functionality to an entirely new level. Now it has become much easier to achieve artificial intelligence projects which were more like a dream initially.

While there are other programming languages too, Python has made it easier for you or me to code and develop algorithms, programs or websites instantly. So, basically, Python has given us wings to fly. This allows a person to develop anything new and creative for the society or people.

Reasons why you should learn Python

Python is such a language that can help you develop almost anything. It is a great language for developing backend tools and other kinds of software and artificial intelligence stuff. Let us see why you should try learning Python.

1. User-friendly language

It is very easy to code using Python. The easy guide and simple language make it possible for anyone to build tools and prototypes. Now, the best thing here is that someone who may not have liked coding previously would definitely love using Python. This is the only reason that Python has gained so much popularity these days.

2. Easy to learn

Just like it is easy to code Python is easy to learn as well. It is exactly like the English language. A three-line java or c code can be replaced with a three words Python code. Python is absolutely free and open source platform. There is no need for any complex language to deal with Python.

3. Extensibility of Python

Python is a universal language. It doesn’t have strict guidelines or hardcore rules that need to be followed. They allow performing all kinds of operations easily. There is absolutely no need to choose a perfect platform as it is supported by most platforms starting from Windows to Linux. It is even possible to integrate Java and .net components easily including these.

4. Testing

Python makes it possible to check ideas and products for companies. The main advantage is that Python has an inbuilt testing framework that covers debugging and workflow. There are tools such as selenium and splinter that can make this testing work possible even in cross-browser and other frameworks. Testing is quite a tedious job and Python is the perfect language that helps achieve this.

5. Python’s Role in Big Data and Automation

Python supports Big Data operations. It has the ability to help process different kinds of information. It has now become possible to help support parallel computing using Python. The use of Python in big data makes it easy to process it. Python is of equal importance in automation as well simply because it can be used as a scripting language too.

These are some of the reasons that you should consider to Learn Python Programming from this online Python training course.

How To become a certified Python Programmer?

To become a certifies Python programmer you need to know the basics of the Python programming language. There are a number of online websites and applications which can help you develop Python programs. These websites, apps, or even institutions would teach the fundamentals and then provide a certification on completion of the course.

The course certification process, timing, course duration, course fee varies. However, if you can learn Python from a recognized institute, then you can definitely own a Python programmer certificate.