Step by Step Guide on How to Burn Videos to DVD

Taking a backup of your important files and media is very important as it may get lost because of various factors. If you want to make a backup copy of your favorite videos or movies for permanent preservation, then burning video files to a playable DVD would be an excellent option. Below will instruct you on how to burn videos to DVD in detail.

First of all, you need to download and install Wondershare DVD Creator on your computer. And then simply follow the steps to burn your DVD.

How to burn any video to DVD

1. Choose DVD Disc Tab


Launch Wondershare DVD Creator and choose disc type as the on-screen instruction requires. Here takes Create a DVD Video Disc for example.

2. Import Videos to Wondershare DVD Creator

Click add file icon + under the Source tab to add MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, or any other video files that you want to burn to DVD format. Note that you can also direct drag and drop your desired videos


Then the program will display the loaded video thumbnails on the left together with the video name and length.

If you want to create a new Title page, just hit add title icon on the bottom-left side. Similarly, clicking the import icon enables you to add videos to the Title.


3. Edit Videos (Optional)

Move the mouse over the video thumbnail, there’ll be a pencil-like icon just as the screenshot shows.

Click the edit icon and you’ll get the Video Edit window, where you can crop/enhance/trim video, add effect, watermark and subtitle as you wish. Visit Video Editor to learn how to edit video in detail.


If you want to change the video order, just select the video and click the move up icon or move down icon. Alternatively, you can also right-click the video and choose to Move up or Move down to adjust the sequence.

4. Customize DVD Template & Menu

Click the Menu tab in the top, you can see the clear Menu Structure on the left and over 100 free DVD Templates on the right. Double-click the template thumbnail would change the default one to your liking.


Click the drop-down icon to choose your favorite menu themes from the sport, travel to family. Wondershare DVD Creator provides you over 100 DVD menu templates for a better user experience.

Apart from the DVD templates, there’re another 6 tricks that help to customize your DVD.

  • Click the switch icon to change the chapter frame.
  • Click customize background icon to customize the background image.
  • Click customize background music icon to add or edit background music.
  • Click add text icon to add text to the main menu for necessary notes. Select the text box and you’ll be able to set the font size, color, etc.
  • Click customize thumbnail icon to replace the chapter thumbnail with other images.
  • Click create chapter icon to create chapters. You can either manually insert a chapter or set an auto-insert chapter based on your needs.

5. Preview DVD Slideshow

When finished, switch to the Preview tab to view your DVD creation. You can always go back to the Source or Menu tab to make adjustments if you’re not that satisfied.


6. Burn MP4/AVI/MKV/MOV to DVD


Once you’re satisfied with the DVD preview, proceed to the Burn tab and preset DVD settings as requested. After that, hit Burn to start burning video files to DVD right away.

That’s it. This way you can burn multiple videos to DVD media in order to preserve the backup. Here is the full video tutorial of the same process.