Top Highest Paying Certifications in Computer Science

Who doesn’t want to live a munificent life, full of enthusiasm, fulfilling the wishes he or she dreamed of. Every weekend, you lay down to your bed comprehending yourself the goals you need to accomplish to become successful. But, do you really work hard enough to achieve those? Your career should be exciting, challenging and engaging with a salary that carries through your success.

Well, this could be done by getting certified in the technology you work or wish to work. In this article, I will highlight, why you need certifications for your skills? will mention few of them with highest demand and salary.

Why Should You Earn Any Certification?

Certifications legitimize ones ability that how he or she uses a particular technology to solve related tasks and issues and come up fancy solutions that are easy, affordable and can be implemented quickly whether it is for Computer science, IT industry, marketing or others.

Though it doesn’t guarantee a job yet guides a recruiter to take interest in you when you are in an interview. Getting certified in any technology, often put your resume over the top and help you to get a decent pay over non-certified competitors for the same position.

survey from Global Knowledge shows that 83 percent of computer science professionals in the U.S. and Canada hold an IT certification. In the United States, the average salary for a certified IT professional is on average $8,400 which is 11% more than the person who does not own them.

Benefits of Getting Certified

  1. Certifications make you stand apart from other similar candidates.
  2. It is very important especially if you are starting your career, or switching domain. It enhances your Credibility, Marketability, and Personal Development.
  3. Certifications highlight your skill as a dominant part of your application.
  4. Can give you a chance to earn higher salaries than others and credibility among colleagues and employers.
  5. 40% of certified pros credit certifications for helping them land a job or promotion easily.
  6. It proves your dedication to achieve them in a limited period of time.
  7. Open ways to gain access to a global community of like-minded professionals.

A Few Certifications That You Should Aim For In 2018

1. Digital Marketing Certifications

Digital marketing basically refers to advertisements through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers a wide range of marketing activities, one with the certification in this field can grow and earn rapidly. Every day there is a new company forming and each of them needs to reach their customers and clients.

How does a company do this? Well, through marketing and the digital marketing is a widely used medium to do so. This is the field where one can expect a fast growth. The certifications under digital marketing are as follows.

  • FB Certified Planning Professional. Fee for this one is USD$150 and the salary one might expect after having this is about USD$66K.
  • FB Certified Buying Professional. Fee for this one is also USD$150 and the salary one might expect after having this is more or less same as the above one.

2. Networking Certifications


In the world of modernization, networking has become an important part of every bodies life. Computers use internet for networking and every company works on the data flowing out through various disciplines within it. A proper computer network makes possible for the data to flow smoothly thus making it a very preferable for a career that you might choose for you.

As a networking specialist, you need to maintain the integrity and the security of a company’s network and other systems connected to it. Being certified in networking could land you in a very good job role with a handsome pay. The certifications under networking are as follows.

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional. Fee for this certification is USD$3,300 bit expensive but after certified you can expect to earn USD$41K/year. This course is most suitable for IT engineers, entry-level engineers, the network specialist, and system engineer can attempt this certification.
  • Wireshark Certified Network Analyst

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

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Getting certified in this, exhibit your expertise in designing and deploying scalable systems on AWS i.e. Amazon Web Services. If you are highly skilled and certified AWS solutions architects, then you are on the right path as this certification has much demand and constantly growing year after year due to the growth in the cloud industry and excess use of cloud computing.

According to this year’s salary survey responses, the person who is certified in this has been reported an average salary of more than USD$100,000/year i.e about 70Lakh in INR.

To get certified in this, you need to have some hands-on experience with AWS i.e. what is AWS and how to use them? The exam is computer-based and offered at PSI testing centers. It has a wide range of syllabus including designing on AWS, selecting the appropriate AWS services for a given situation, ingress, and egress of data to and from the AWS environment, estimating AWS costs and identifying cost-control measures. You can prepare for this exam by enrolling in Architecting on AWS course.

The Money You Need To Spend: Associate Level AWS Certification Exams cost USD $150, and the Professional Level exams cost USD $300.

4. AWS Certified Developer – Associate

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High on the list for 2018, this certification authorizes technical expertise in developing and maintaining applications on AWS for mobile or websites. Having this certification demonstrates your ability to efficiently use AWS SDKs to interact with services within your applications and write code that optimizes AWS application performance.

For being certified, you need to have some hands-on experience with a few programming languages and you should be sound with AWS working and services. The exam is computer-based and offered at PSI testing centers, like all AWS exams. You can prepare for this exam by enrolling in Developing on AWS course.

The Money You Need To Spend: Professional level certifications cost USD$300 and the practice test is available for USD$40.

5. Programming Certifications

Being a programmer you develop software which solves the everyday problem and directly impacts millions of people which is truly the “Hottest job of the 21st Century”. A computer programming certificate provides an individual with a basic and advances understanding of programming, core and complex concepts like data structures and algorithms along with development fundamentals.

The certification course content ranges from simple code writing exercises to advanced problem-solving. Some certificate programs require potential students to successfully complete an introductory computer or math course before formally enrolling. So becoming a programmer can be a major career for you where you can earn a lot. Certifications under Programming are as follows.

  • Udacity Nanodegree in different Programming domains. The cost ranges from USD$100 to USD$3500. The best part of enrolling in a nano-degree is that you get one of the best learning experience with the experts from Silicon Valley and all the courses are made with the association of leading tech giant like Google, Facebook, Apple, AT&T etc.

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  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer. This certification cost you around USD$145 and the salary one might expect to earn is about USD$1200/month.

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Getting certified by Microsoft can really boost your career up front and quickly. There is a pathway for getting certified by Microsoft and you need to go step by step. The fee for the certification ranges from USD$150 to 300 and the salary that you might expect is about USD$ 1200 to 1500/month.


Earning any certification may be all that’s standing in the way of you and your future career, so what are you waiting for? Go and grab one of them to showcase your expertise in the technology you crave to work for in order to leave behind your dead-end job and launch a fulfilling career, there’s no better time than now to join the industry.