Top Five Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in 2018

Taking a career in computer science is one of the most promising career options we have these days. As nearly every aspect of our lives get intertwined into technology and especially information technology the need for professional and experts in computer technology is on the rise. Walking everywhere you will hardly miss getting institutions with computer installations not unless they not functional. Of course with such installations, it explains why there is a rising need for computer science experts.

With the ever-expanding World Wide Web, cybersecurity concerns and the coming of social media, both large and small organizations rely on qualified computer professions. Yes, the jobs are there but if you have been in this field you will agree with me that some tech jobs are more paying than others. It does not mean they are lesser but depend on where you are and what level of training you have.

Here are some of the highest paying computer science jobs in 2018.

1. Data Scientist

Data scientists are among the best-paid computer experts. They mainly deal with data that is they have the knowledge about collecting data, organizing it and analyzing the data. Data collected and analyzed is then forwarded to managers who use the information in making critical decisions. Data scientists should have skills in programming, statistics, and analytical skills and lastly, they should have mathematical skills.

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2. Network Architect

Computer network architects handle each aspect of computer networking. It involves doing everything from designing, implementing computer networking and communication systems. They also deal with computer network layouts that specifically deal with wired and wireless connection transmissions. These experts are expected to come up with networking solutions that specifically meet the requirements of a given organization.

3. Applications Architect

Applications Architect experts are entitled to the responsibility of coming up with various software or application programs that allows user execute various tasks on their computers or mobile phones. They take charge of everything right form development of the programs, testing for the maintenance of the programs.

Applications Architects should possess exceptional skill in computer languages and leadership skills. Their salaries substantial with most of them earning an average of $200,000 a year.

4. Data Architect

Data architects are responsible for designing and maintaining data across a varied range of databases or information systems. Their main responsibility in an organization is ensuring that data available is accurate and is readily available for retrieval and use. Besides data management data architects should be at the position to determine whether the available data is being handled in the right and effective way. They work in conjunction with other computer specialists to ensure computer data and systems run efficiently.

5. Data warehouse manager

Data warehouse house management is essential for every business or institution. The importance attached to data warehouse makes data warehouse manager important consultant resource persons in any organization. Data warehouse managers are entitled to the responsibility to analyze and evaluate the data needs of users and organizations. They design complex systems that ensure effective storage and retrieval of data.

The ranking presented here is based on an average top 5 calculated from,, and The job titles may vary in different-different areas that serve the same purpose.

These are the topmost paying computer science jobs if you are considering taking a career in computer science or IT consider specializing in any of the above disciplines.