10 Very Useful Tools For Programmers to Increase Productivity

Programming can be a very strenuous activity depending on the number of lines in your code. If your program is infected by a bug, things can get worse in the absence of tools such as code editors. Here is a list of 10 tools you can use to enhance your efficiency and productivity:

1. Distributed version control

Having a decentralized system offers the benefit of being able to code on any computer on the network as opposed to having a centralized system which allows only one computer to code. Backups can be made easily on any computer. It also allows for faster data-processing and enables the possibility of working offline. Some available distributed version control software include Git and SVN (Subversion)


JIRA is an issue tracker and a project management software. When you are making a code and there is an issue with it, you no longer have to go through the entire code to identify where the coding went wrong, an activity which takes a tremendous amount of time. Instead, this software does that work for you. JIRA is available either on-demand or you can subscribe to it for a monthly fee.

3. Integrated Development Environment

Visual Studio offers a platform for coding various kinds of programs including the development of cell phone applications, web applications, and websites. It has the ability to edit codes for you so you don’t have to go through the entire code if there is a bug. The system itself identifies bugs and edits the code. It also offers visual designers which you can use to develop the structure of websites or any app.

4. Vim

Vim is a free and open source text editing software and the more advanced successor of vi. It offers multiple efficient tools to make your programming life easier. There are features like an online help system at one command, the ability to split the screen into multiple windows so you can work simultaneously on multiple tasks, and the ability to navigate through the code with the use of tags.

5. Gulp

If you’re a web developer, then Gulp is your friend. Gulp is a ‘build tool’ which assists in the development of websites. Its tasks include but are not limited to spinning a web server and optimizing assets. Gulp basically helps eliminate repetition. Since web development requires running the same task again and again, Gulp can be programmed to run those tasks automatically, so you don’t have to repeat them. Thus it is a great tool to save time and increase productivity.

6. GitLab

GitLab is a Git-repository manager. It is a great productivity enhancer boasting a variety of features which include a shorter DevOps cycle which usually takes months, and a reduction in engineering risk with smaller iterations. GitLab will monitor all the changes which any file or document goes through, therefore making the original version of those files more visible. Whenever any change is made, it is immediately effective.

7. Google Drive

Google Drive is a free online service for data storage which allows you to add data up to 15GB. Once you save your files on Drive, you can easily access them on any computer or cell phone since it is connected to your Gmail account. All you have to do is log in. You can send and receive large files with a click of a button. You can also make and save backups on Drive.

8. Trello

Trello, just like JIRA, is a project management software which can be used for a variety of tasks including accounting, web design and gaming. Unlike JIRA, this software is much simpler and is designed for smaller teams. It works like an assistant who will take down all the things you need to do and organize them so that you don’t have to go through the discomfort of having to remember each task yourself.

9. RescueTime

If you are working on tight deadlines and have a lot of work to do, then this simple software will help you track your time and your activities. Having all your tasks organized and timed will help you enhance your productivity. The software will tell you exactly what tasks you are spending the most time on which will give you a rough idea on how to organize your time better.

10. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a screen sharing and remote computer access software. It allows you to connect multiple computers together and to access and manage them just by using your own computer. This allows for greater integration and serves as a great tool for team projects. File transfer is made easier and more efficient. This tool can also be used for web gaming and web conferencing.