Best Ways For Beginners to Learn Programming

I hope you once found yourself at a dead end in your career or education in which knowing computer programming would have made you achieve your dreams. So you have no other option besides paying exorbitantly for the service or you leave your great dreams hanging in there.

I once had a strong aversion to computer programming because the codes looked somewhat like Latin and Greek to me. In my 11th grade, I took a “foolish” step in choosing CS as my fifth subject, but I must say, that was how everything changed for good. Therefore, I want to share with you some of the best ways you can learn programming.

Best Ways You can Learn Programming

1. Organize Your Goal

Computer programming languages include Javascript, SQL, python, C++, Java, PHP, Ruby and many more. Each of these languages has its specific applications. Therefore, you will take a great step forward by trying to know your goal so that you will be able to learn the right programming language. Conversely, if you fail in setting your direction right, you will be beating the air.

2. Know the Basic Programming Tools You Need to Start With

If you want to learn Programming, there are tools that you need to have on hand. The primary tool is a computer with the required configuration to run programming software. The software includes bug databases, debuggers, build tools, disassemblers, interface generators, Notepad++ and much more. However, the tools you need depends on the type of programming language you want to learn. Here is a list of the best IDEs for programmers.

3. Keep on Practicing and Be Patient

Practicing is the best way you can improve your coding skill. However, if you skip the basics, the advanced stages will be alerting you that you have missed some parts, in the long run, you may quit. Hence, begin by learning the basics before you forge ahead to a more advanced stage.

4. Learn Web Development

Begin learning web development by learning HTML and CSS. Though HTML and CSS are really not programming languages, yet you need to learn them as they will be stepping stones that will ease your understanding of computer programming languages. So I strongly recommend the HTML and CSS courses by Udacity. Then start learning how to build interactive web pages by learning JavaScript and jQuery from credible sites, such as Udacity and udemy. However, for a completely interactive website, you need to know how to programme the server side by learning Python, PHP, Ruby, and Node.js.

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Python is easy to learn and it features reliable frameworks, such as Pylon and Django, that you can learn from the Head First ebooks. In order to have a good grasp of Ruby, subscribe to the resourceful tutorial, Ruby on Rails, written by Michael Hart1. For excellent understandings of MySQL and PHP, visit Head First.

5. Perseverance

The early stage of learning coding is always so boring that many beginners usually drop out. Nevertheless, with dedication and perseverance, computer programming will be gradually becoming interesting; the more you know, the more you will be hankering for more.

6. Subscribe to Free Online Course

There are many free online sites that provide free resources, including video tutorials, that will teach you computer programming. Therefore, you can start learning the basics of programming from free coding sites, such as Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp, Coursera, edX, Codewars and much more. Here are some of the best websites to learn programming

7. Get Free Programming Books

Free programming ebooks you can download and start learning coding flood the internet. If you can use the search term *Free programming or coding book”. you will have as many books as you desire to learn how to programme.

8. Keep Practicing by Playing Coding Games

Some code learning sites have made coding interesting, so you can learn with fun. Such sites, which include CodingGame and Code Combat, will help you a lot in recalling what you have learned and also teach you new skills. Here are the some of the best coding game websites

9. Have A Good Tutor

If you are dreaming big, you need to enroll for a paid course. A paid coding tutor will be well committed to you and give you all you need to achieve your dream; whereas, a free tutor cannot be as committed. Your best bet is the Head FIrst or Udacity, or ger a personal tutor from Harvard’s CS50 via edX.

10. Keep on Practising by Hacking

Takie a big step in coding by hacking other peoples’ code. Doing this will help you understand the big picture of the computer programing world. However, do not trespass hacking ethics.

The above-stated steps are the steps I have taken to be a successful computer programmer. If you too can follow these steps, you will assuredly be able to take your coding skill to the greatest height.