Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science (2018)

Computer science experts are highly demanded. Previously, experts in this field were viewed as geeks. Today’s economy has changed the world views of the professionals. Skilled programmers are crucial in every business. Computer science experts are some of the highest paid professionals. Many of them have landed high-profile jobs. Students are given options of specializing in one computer science major. None of them is lesser. Their choices depend on their preferences.

This article outlines some of the best jobs for computer science majors in  2018.

Highest Paying Jobs for Computer Science Majors

1. Network architects

Network architects design computer networks. They deal with network layout which consists of software, hardware, communication protocols and transmission of both wired and wireless connections. The network architecture is the organization of tasks in computers. Architects are expected to develop systems that suit individual company needs. The professional ought to understand the layout of that particular building. He decides where to place the cables. The job requires a lot of skills.

2. Applications Developer

Applications developer has the responsibility of ensuring that all aspects of development are in order. The developer also makes sure that application software is well supported. His daily duties include testing hardware and software, management of junior development staff and managing project workload.

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3. Data warehouse manager

Data warehouse manager is an important resource in every business. This expert controls activities of business and IT customers. They design complex data systems. They have the responsibility of making sure that all warehouse designs, procedures, and standards are in the right order. His duties put him in a position of regularly consulting with the senior management.

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4. IT directors

IT directors oversee plans, organization, and execution of IT function. They direct their operations to cater to consumer requirements. The experts support maintenance of running applications. They know how the perfect solutions for technical issues. A person who specializes as an IT director directs network delivery and recommends new products. You can choose to earn a master’s degree in IT leadership to gain a thorough understanding of how to handle a team and make wise decisions you can apply in the workplace.

5. IT security managers

IT security managers protect organization’s computers against threats. Cybercriminals develop computer viruses which can breach the entire system. That is why every organization requires a specialist to assess all security measures. IT systems can be easily attacked. Tests are carried out to detect security threats.

The professionals are involved in research to know the nature of future threats. Employees are also trained on good practices to avoid security risks. The world is run by computers. The society depends on the machines. That is why computer specialists are highly demanded. Whether in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, finance or insurance, computer specialists are important resources.

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