Top 10 Websites for Beginner Programmers to Learn Coding

If you have a busy life schedule and no time for classes to learn how to program. All roads aren’t close yet, there are various websites on the internet which provides fully guide on how to code. These sites have a very interactive interface. Whenever you have free time, you can just log into these sites and start learning

In addition, just like any other industry, there are always at-least handfuls of experts who are considered the best on the subject mostly; they have blogs or websites which makes them the most trusted resources in the industry. For beginners to keep up with the latest tech-news, networks as well as discuss projects, they can visits these websites and stay on top of the tech field.

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The 10 Best Programming Websites for Beginners

As a beginner, you may want to refresh your existing skills or look for the hottest coding language, here are the best sites to learn from; they have enough resources and professionals to guide you through. They include;

1. W3schools is among the most famous websites for any developer or beginner to learn any type f programming language starting from web-based, database languages to desktop based. All of its courses are free. For beginners, W2schools is the to-go site and best platform for you to start learning; starting from the basic level to more advanced level of a specific course.

These courses are divided into chapters and the site provides you will coding editors for the purpose of practicing at the end of each and every chapter so as to test your skills. The main page has all the details and from there, you’ll just have to choose any kind of course of your choice and start learning thus they are free. They offer these courses; HTML/CSS, HTML Graphics, JavaScript, XML Tutorials, Server Side and lastly, WEB Building.

2. Treehouse

Treehouse is more of project-oriented than language oriented and it makes them perfect for an inexperienced programmer who has planned purposes like building a website or even an application for it. Treehousse has millions of users who visit the site on a daily basis.

3. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is well known and reputable website for teaching programmers on how to code interactively. It provides a helpful interface as well as well structured courses and by visiting the site’s main page, already you can start testing the programming right there with the site’s motivating on-screen console as well as the interface. They offer these courses; PHP, Python, jQuery, Web Fundamentals, JavaScript, Ruby, APIs and much more.

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4. Coursera

Cousera instructors are from the best universities and educational institutions worldwide. Students are taught by the top instructors who are professionals in this industry. When one completes a course in this site, a shareable electronic Course Certificate is provided. The courses include auto-graded, recorded video lecturers, peer-reviewed assignments as well as community discussion forum.

5. CodeHS

Quite different from other online websites for beginners, CodeHS is designed to be simple and has fun game programming lessons which entails JavaScript, problem-solving, animation, game design, data structure, puzzle challenge and much more. All these will help a new developer to improve their skills as they learn.

6. Udacity

Udacity offers unified insightful video lecturers as well as improved quizzes to provide the interactive feel for students. If you don’t like to read but prefers getting explanations and information from industry professionals like Google employees then Udacity is your go-to site.

7. Code School

If you have finished your courses in either Code Academy or Code Avengers and you want to further expand your skills/capabilities. Code School is your to-go site; it has the most interactive learning sites and offers more comprehensive courses to train as well as turn one into an expert with the guidance of the best professionals in the industry.

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DASH provides a fun and free online courses to teach beginners the basics of web development. It’s project-oriented and provides as well as narratives to enable students to get involved in working on the real-world projects such as web designing.

9. Thinkful

Thinkful is the only online-coding Boot-camp which has a job report as well as the only website whose results can be audited by a third party. Students are able to learn directly with their mentor to talk and get feedbacks thus each week; they can interact with a certain number of times.

10. Code Avengers

Another best Website for beginners is Code Avengers. This website is designed to entertain you as it helps you improve your programming skills with ease while it makes you expertise in those languages you learn. they offer these courses; HTMLL5, JavaSript, and CSS3.