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Searching for something on Google is the most common thing everybody does. It provides a vast range of results in less than a second. Almost everyone from any profession uses the Google search engine for knowing things and accessing information. However, Programmers are no different, they also rely on the Google search engine when stuck with syntax or concepts in any of the coding languages.

But, many programmers feel Google is not the perfect search engine to search for something about coding. Due to Google’s capability of retrieving many results, there is confusion in deciding the exact concept. So, to help the programmers with this and tackle the unambiguity – SyntaxDB will be the solution.

What is SyntaxDB?

It is a kind of Google Search engine but only for programmers. This offers any information related to computer languages such as syntax and explanation at the fingertips. Syntax Database is introduced by Anthony Nguyen to provide clear syntax of programming languages.

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SyntaxDB is aimed to become the world’s fastest programming reference. SyntaxDB currently supports 9 programming languages such as Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Swift, and Go. And more languages can cram into the database soon.

How to search using SyntaxDB?

You need to follow these steps to get the syntax or concept from the 9 coding languages.

  • Visit the official website SyntaxDB, a home page of SyntaxDB opens with a simple and easy interface including a search tab

Syntaxdb compressed

  • Give an input related to programming languages. For Example, Exception handling in Ruby and hit ‘Go’. This will display Syntax, Notes, and Examples of the concept.

SyntaxDb compressed

SyntaxDB offers more

SyntaxDB not only settled as a search engine but also crammed into different tools to offer more for the programmers at everywhere and anytime. It is integrated into the DuckDuckGo search engine, Slack, and Visual Studio.

Untitled design

With integration with SyntaxDB, DuckDuckGo offers instant programming syntax at the top of the search results when programmers ask about coding. On the other side, It also integrated as a Slack channel which is named ‘Syntax bot’, and as a plugin ‘Syntax Lookup’ for Visual Studio to help coders with instant syntax.

Here you can add the channel to Slack and a plugin for Visual Studio.

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